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Claudio was the youngest of the Volpe brothers, and one of the main enforcers of Luco's crime family.

With the middle brother, Jocko, he ran the betting business in Las Vegas. However, Jocko had skimmed most of the proceeds in the Hernandez v Taylor game, and found himself short on money when Tombstone Taylor was beaten. Desperate to make up for the lost money, Jocko sent Claudio to rob the bookmakers.

Claudio, in the meantime, had adopted the persona of "Clawhammer", hoping a mask would strike terror into his enemies. Jocko thought little of it, and since no-one got his name right, he abandoned it later.

The heist was stopped by Catwoman and Wildcat, leading Luco to send his operative, Redblade, to bring the two brothers back home. Redblade succeeded in bringing Claudio, Jocko, Wildcat and most of Jocko's goons to Luco's hideout in Hasaragua.

Luco and Redblade killed Jocko and his goons, and Redblade cut off Claudio's hands. Catwoman intervened when Luco turned to torture Wildcat, and in the ensuing fight, Redblade's flamethrower damaged the structural integrity of Luco's villa. Catwoman managed to drag an unconscious Claudio out, and she and Wildcat took him with him when they escaped the island.


  • Nail Gun: a powder-actuated nail gun that shoots nine inch nails.