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Clawster was one of several bio-genetically created creatures developed by the mad scientist Dabney Donovan of Project Cadmus.

Like many of Donovan's experiments, Clawster left Cadmus and took shelter in the sewers beneath Metropolis where he became the leader of a group called the Underworlders. Clawster was a warlike individual by nature, and he always intended to vent his omnipresent frustrations against the people of Metropolis. Clawster conspired with leftover denizens of Warworld, now stranded on Earth, to stage an invasion against the city. His plot was over-heard by a young boy named Keith Robert White.[1]

When the Underworlders developed a progressive illness due to poisoned flood waters, they blamed Project Cadmus and declared war against all humanity. Enraged at their former masters, they armed themselves with stolen Toastmaster ordnance and came up from the sewers, attacking anyone whom they believed were even remotely linked to the group including Superman, the Guardian, the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit, and Team Luthor.[2]

Clawster proved to be the most powerful amongst them. Gifted with psionic invulnerability, he engaged in an intense battle against the Guardian and succeeded in breaking the Guardian's shield. The battle came to an end when the alien clone Dubbilex arrived and telepathically shut off Clawster's psionic invulnerability, at which point, members of Cadmus' security staff shot him.[3]


  • Invulnerability: Clawster was virtually invulernable to nearly all forms of physical attack. This ability was psionic in nature and could be counteracted by a stronger psionic attack.
  • Superhuman Strength: Clawster's prodigious size and invulnerability also imbued him with superhuman strength. Clawster's strength level was sufficient enough to break Guardian's Shield.
  • Spikes: Clawster's body was ornamented with sharp, bony protrusions growing out of his skull, back, knuckles and ribs. Primarily used for offensive combat, these protrusions also shielded Clawster against physical attack.


  • Diminished Intellect: Clawster was not a particularly bright creature, and he was ruled more through a sense of preturnatural instinct than logic.



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