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Quote1.png There's something you gotta remember about Crash...he called himself 'The Everything Man.' He wanted to be the source for exotic weapons. You could get anything and everything from him. I once did. That was then. Now, he's The Everything Man with nothing at all. Quote2.png
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Clay Irons is a career criminal who makes a living as one of the biggest dealers of exotic weapons in Metropolis. He is the brother of Steel and father of Natasha Irons.

He uses the money he gains from his dealings to provide for himself and his two kids, Natasha and Ezekiel. While he did his best to provide, his business prevented him from being there for his kids, so they often wound up in the care of his younger brother and his girlfriend. Even though he kept them in the dark about his lifestyle, Natasha's genius intellect opened her eyes to what her father was at a young age. Despite his family's disapproval of his lifestyle, he refused to turn his life around.

Clay's life was as stable as could be, but everything changed after a certain heist he pulled. After that heist, he brought the ill-gotten gains home to John Henry - who was yet again watching his kids with Lana. When confronted about the money, he admitted that he pulled the job off with the help of Skyhook, a villain too twisted for most criminals to work with and famed as a bogeyman dreaded by all children in Metropolis. Worse still, Clay made off without giving Skyhook his share of the haul. John Henry admonishes Clay, but he is too set in his ways to see the problem, so he kicks John Henry and Lana out. Though it appeared Clay got off scot-free, Skyhook gets even by kidnapping Ezekiel from under the noses of his babysitters. Knowing the things Skyhook does to kidnapped children, Clay turned over every stone he could to find Ezekiel, but his frantic search gave the police an opening to arrest him. Crash was convicted, and due to the gravity of the charges, jailed at Stryker's Island Penitentiary, where he could do nothing to rescue his son, who was never found.

During his sentence, Crash was given a gift horse during the attack on Metropolis by Ultrawoman. The damage caused to Stryker's gave Crash a chance to escape along with many other convicts. He immediately picks up where he left off: amassing enough weapons to go after Skyhook. Though his brother and niece, both operating under the name Steel, were spurred to go after Skyhook too, he avoided them and conducted his own search. After locating Skyhook, Crash armed himself with a jetpack and all the weapons he could carry and confronted him. Despite the advanced technology at his disposal, he was easily overpowered and nearly killed, only to be saved at the last minute by his family while Superwoman fought Skyhook. The Irons tried to reason with Clay, but his feelings of loss and abandonment hardened his heart, so he was knocked out and handed off to the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit along with a beaten Skyhook.




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