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Clay Ramsay was K-Man, a criminal in Metropolis with Kryptonite-based superpowers, making him an enemy of Superman.

Clay Ramsay was a scumbag who lived in Metropolis. One night, Superman caught Ramsay beating his wife and threw him into Hob's Bay. Finally empowered to stand up to him, Ramsay's wife subsequently left him.

Blaming Superman for his own misfortunes, he sought revenge and joined the mysterious "Project K-Man", a private super-soldier project. While there, he gained Kryptonite powers, which he then used to attack Superman as K-Man. However, he was thankfully defeated and arrested by Steel.

K-Man was later freed by General Lane, who believed he was needed as a countermeasure against Superman. Ramsey agreed on the condition that General Lane help him find his ex-wife.

Ramsay would form a group with similarly powered villains and called themselves the K-Men.

Eventually, Ramsay died of his own Kryptonite radiation and was buried in Stryker's Island Penitentiary where he had been imprisoned many times in the past. Ra's al Ghul would at one point attempt to steal his corpse for its Kryptonite while in a feud with General Zod.[1]




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