Ex-Delta Force, Sgt. Claymore had only ever wanted to be a soldier. He was recruited into Jackson Dane's Team-7, and like the rest of the squad went AWOL after being bonded to a symbiote and betrayed by his superiors.

During Wetwork's confrontation with Drakken, the Vampire Nation's throne's usurper, Claymore was hit by a vial of specifically designed poison. It was tailor made to affect the symbiote, and as such, put its host into unexplained coma. As Drakken designed the symbiotes in the first place, he, or his scientist, knew how to do it.

When Drakken made his final move in Phoenix and managed to capture the entire team, Dozer was used as a huge antennae to broadcast Drakken's power. Seeing how his friend suffered, and understanding there was no other solution to save everybody around, he sacrificed himself, and Dozer, to put an end to Drakken's schemes.


With the changes in the nature of the universe from Captain Atom's visit, Claymore somehow came back to life and rejoined Wetworks.


  • Golden Symbiote: Like all members of Wetworks, Claymore is bonded to a symbiote which normally hides inside him, but can flow out to coat his skin with a golden armour.
    • Psychic Link: He has a telepathic link with the other symbiote wearers, the rest of Wetworks.
    • Symbiote Power Mimicry: Clayton's symbiote allowed him to control the rest of the team's symbiotes, and use their powers.


  • Weapons Expert: Fascinated with weapons, he has become an expert on virtually every weapon ever used by mankind.



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