Cleveland Brand is the twin brother of Boston Brand (Deadman).

When his wife died, he and his daughter, Lita Brand, moved out of the states and opened a hotel in El Campo, Mexico. There, he unwittingly helped a wealthy Texan illegally ferry cheap labor across the Rio Grande. When the U.S. and Mexican authorities learned of the operation, he redeemed himself by helping them shut down the smuggling operation. Later, he and Lita moved back to America. When he learned of the death of Boston (his brother), he decided to find his murderer by taking over the Deadman aerial act at Hill's Circus.

While performing at the Circus, Cleveland's body was used by his brother in order to reach Nanda Parbat and prevent the destruction of the place at the hands of Sensei. It was then that Cleveland learned about his brother's existence as a ghost.[1]

Several years later, just like his brother before him, he was shot during his trapeze act.[2]




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