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Quote1.png There is not a decimal, a fraction, an infinitesimal variable beyond my thoughts... beyond my mind! Quote2.png
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Professor Clifford DeVoe, also known as the Thinker, was a genius inventor who fought The Flash using his Thinking Cap.


  • Enhanced Intellect: DeVoe's already considerable intellect was greatly enhanced by the particle accelerator explosion.
  • Stolen Powers: Using his chair, DeVoe was able to switch consciousnesses with anyone he managed to capture. In this process, he could retain the powers of any metahuman he gained the consciousness of.



  • Restricted Mobility (Formerly): DeVoe's superhuman intellect causes great strain to the rest of his body in a manner similar to ALS, causing his body to deteriorate and rendering him unable to walk. DeVoe managed to rid himself of this weakness by transferring his mind into Dominic Lanse.
  • Power Instability: (Formerly) The dark matter that gives his powers also steal his health, and each time Devoe takes a new body and absorbs its power, his life decrease even faster. But now, with the body of Ralph, he can concentrate even more dark matter than his originals targets' body had without physical problems.


  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series The Flash, its tie-in comic book series, and its related television series. It is an adaptation of Clifford DeVoe/the Thinker. The original character was created by Gardner Fox and Everett E. Hibbard and first appeared in All-Flash #12.
  • Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker is portrayed by Neil Sandilands in his original body, by Kendrick Sampson after he takes over the body of Dominic Lanse and by Sugar Lyn Beard after he takes over the body of Becky Sharpe. After he takes over the body of Izzy Bowin, he is portrayed by Miranda MacDougall, and after he takes over the body of Edwin Gauss he is portrayed by Arturo Del Puerto. After he takes over the body of Ralph Dibny, he is briefly portrayed by Hartley Sawyer, and then shape-shifts back to his original appearance, once again being portrayed by Neil Sandilands.



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