Quote1 You know how they say the longer you're away from people, the harder it is to remember what they look like? Well, I have that but with sensations. I used to hold my arm out when it was raining, feeling the drops hit my skin. I remember doing that but not the feeling. Running my hands through my wife's hair. In my head, I know it felt amazing. But I don't know at the same time. It's all floating away from me. Quote2
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Clifford "Cliff" Steele is a former NASCAR driver and member of the Doom Patrol.

Cliff Steele was born on May 35, 1956 to father R.J. Steele and an unnamed mother. By 1988, Cliff had grown up, had a wife named Kate (who he was cheating on with his daughter's nanny), and a daughter named Clara. Cliff was a successful NASCAR driver champion, but he was involved in a car "accident" where he lost his Kate and his body was beyond being restored. Only his brain could be recovered, which Dr. Niles Caulder, the man responsible for engineering the accident for his own experiments, engaged to a robotic body, which was activated in 1995. This body was supernaturally strong and durable, and mimicked Cliff's original voice exactly, but was slow-moving, lacked facial expression, and any physical sensation outside of sight and sound.




  • Technological Reliability: Cliff is just a brain in a robot suit, suffering from all the vulnerabilities and strengths that come with it.
  • Restricted Senses: Because Cliff is now just a brain in a rudimentary robot-body, he's lost connection to his five basic senses, often longing for them. He also can't experience an orgasm. [1]
  • Restricted Mobility (Formerly): Cliff had to adjust to his robot body, requiring physical therapy with Negative Man over time to learn how to climb stairs again. [2]



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