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Quote1 Sometimes a person hurts so bad, all they can imagine is that everyone wants to hurt each other. But that's not true. You're not alone. I know you wanna be alone right now, but trust me, that'll pass. Always does. Quote2
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Cliff Steele was an angry and boisterous but kind-hearted member of the Doom Patrol codenamed Robotman. A former NASCAR driver, his body was destroyed in a car collision engineered by Niles Caulder, who placed his brain in a super-strong and nigh-indestructible robotic body.


Cliff Steele was born May 23, 1956 to R.J. Steele, a poor excuse for a father who left Cliff's mother when he was young. He grew up to be a wealthy and successful NASCAR driver, with a wife named Kate (who he was cheating on with his daughter's nanny), and a daughter named Clara, who he pampered nonstop in an effort to be a better father than his own. Cliff also formed a close friendship with his manager, Bump Weathers. Thanks to these events, Cliff became arrogant, obnoxious, and often angry, prone to outbursts and often making inappropriate jokes at the expense of others. On a daily basis, Cliff left Clara in his car while he drank and had sex with strippers and he felt no shame.[5][6][7][8]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 002

Before the "accident"

In 1988, Kate discovered Cliff was cheating on her and, out of spite, began cheating on him with Bump, which she let him know over his microphone during a race, nearly causing him to die in a car crash, engineered by Niles Caulder as part of his immortality experiments. After the race was over, he attempted to make things up and start over with Kate. No sooner did they get on the road to start their new journey, however, did Cliff plow his car under a large logging truck with a low-hanging bed parked in the middle of the road by Caulder in a second attempt at his experiment. Clara was traumatized, but her injuries were not severe, while Kate was decapitated and Cliff's body was completely destroyed, with only the brain being salvageable. Caulder recovered the brain and brought it to his home, a manor house in Cloverton, Ohio.

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 009

A new state of being

Caulder engaged the brain to a special robotic body, which he worked on for several years before bringing Cliff to full consciousness in his new form in 1995. This body was a mix of robotics and magic, immensely strong and nearly indestructible, and mimicked Cliff's original voice exactly (albeit a bit less clear), but was slow-moving, lacked facial expression, and any physical sensation outside of sight and sound. Caulder, who would come to be known by Cliff as the "Chief", introduced himself as a kindly mentor, and hiding from him that he caused his accident.[7][9]

Life at Doom Manor

Living with Cliff in the manor were two housemates, a flamboyant former Hollywood actress named Rita Farr, who was exposed to a special gas that made her cells unstable and gelatinous, and a quiet and guilt-filled former Air Force pilot named Larry Trainor, who was in a plane crash that bound him to a radioactive being known as the Negative Spirit, necessitating him to wear lead-lined bandages across his entire radiation-leaking body. The two were also the Chief's test subjects, though like Cliff, they has no idea. They helped him get adjusted to his new body, introducing him to his new appearance, and even teaching him to walk again. Cliff initially wanted to go find his family once he was fully accustomed to his new form, but the Chief was forced to tell him that Kate had died, as well as telling him that Clara was also dead. Completely devastated, Cliff found a room of his own in the manor and shut himself inside for years, contemplating his mistakes and his family's demise. In 2002, Cliff began focusing his energy on a new coping mechanism, a miniature toy race car track Larry had given him as a gift, even adding to it, making it larger and more expansive, and opening his room to Larry and Rita to show it off.[7]

Kay Challis Doom Patrol TV Series 003

Cliff and Jane

In 2019, another one of Caulder's test subjects, a woman born under the name Kay Challis, returned to the Manor after several decades of absence. Challis developed at least sixty-four separate personalities at a young age, the primary being a closed-off loner named Jane, and all of them were given unique metahuman abilities by the Chief's experiments, yet still none of them knew he had caused their abilities. Cliff was first introduced to Kay through her aggressive guardian known as Hammerhead, but once he met the Jane persona, the two began to form what would later become a close and complex relationship, with both being sarcastic, angry, and aggressive much of the time, but somewhat joking and teasing towards each other. However, even as they got to know each other better, Cliff learned practically nothing about Jane and her past.[7]

Search for the Chief

Shortly after Jane's return to the Manor, the Chief decided to leave on one of his regular expeditions, leading Jane to convince the others to come with her to downtown Cloverton in a bus Larry used for his gardening. While there Jane and Cliff decided to hang out together, and Jane told Cliff that his daughter Clara was still alive, and that it had been public knowledge for years. The trip then quickly devolved into a disaster, as Rita transformed into a giant blob creature and was sliding around the town, destroying things and causing panic in the process. Cliff was able to calm her down, and the four assembled themselves and went back to the Manor. Their chaos, however, caught the attention of Mister Nobody, the Chief's nemesis.

Doom Patrol (TV Series) Episode Pilot

The group becomes a team

Caulder returned that night and bade the group leave to avoid Nobody's wrath, but Cliff convinced the group to use their abilities to face down the threat. The threat turned out to be a large albino donkey created by Nobody, which farted as a vortex opened in front of of the group, and sucked in Nobody, the Chief, and Jane.[7]

Still in shock, Cliff chased after the donkey, unsuccessfully, until he was helped by the ambitious cybernetically-enhanced superhero Cyborg, real name Vic Stone, who had come to Cloverton after learning the Chief had vanished. After Cliff explained the bizarre events, the two began to argue about the ineffectiveness of the group until the donkey expelled Jane through its mouth. After returning to the Manor, Cliff tried watching Jane's interview tapes with the Chief to better understand her and try to ask her about what she saw. By watching them, he learned about the vast "Underground" in her head that contains all her personalities, making it dawn on him just how little he actually knew about his best friend. Even after learning all of this and calming her down, Jane hadn't seen anything, and the personas that saw the inside of the donkey were still unwilling to talk. Cliff and Jane went to the garden, where Vic, Rita and Larry were covered in the remains of the exploded donkey, having entered it to get answers about Caulder. Vic explained that they had discovered Mister Nobody to be behind it all, and he decided to stay in the manor to investigate further and recover the Chief, who was also his friend.[10]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 008

Cliff and Doctor Harrison in Nurnheim

The team continued to search for clues about Caulder, and learned more about Nobody, but ultimately, it seemed hopeless until Willoughby Kipling came to the Manor searching for the Chief in an attempt to save the world from the Decreator, which had been summoned to destroy existence by the Cult of the Unwritten Book. The group was forced to work with Mister Nobody, who even briefly returned the Chief to them, to stop it, giving them hope for saving him. As part of the mission, Cliff and Jane traveled to the city of Nürnheim where they confronted Archons of Nurnheim, and with the help of Jane's Doctor Harrison persona, rang a church bell to summon the Recreator, a counter-entity to the Decreator, effectively saving reality.[5][11][12]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 007


After this mission, Cliff softened his rivalry with Cyborg into an unstable friendship by helping rectify Vic's relationship with his father in exchange for helping him connect with his daughter over Facebook. This allowed Cliff to discover that Bump Weathers had raised Clara, sending him into a blind rage. Soon after this, Cliff's body was sabotaged by Admiral Whiskers, a rat working for Mister Nobody. This caused him to have horrible hallucinations, and an emotional breakdown where he attempted to kill Cyborg, seeing him as Bump Weathers. When Cyborg took him down, Cliff realized what was happening and insisted on the group coming together for an impromptu therapy session to help the team, and Cliff in particular. Opening up about their problems brought all of them closer together, with Jane even willing to show the group a painting that the Hangman's Daughter, one of her personas, had made based on what she'd seen in the donkey: Cyborg standing over their corpses and crying while holding his father in his arms. But feeling as though she was ruining his chance at being a good person by disrupting the therapy session, Cliff angrily insulted Jane, causing her to storm out of the manor and lapse into a depression, feeling betrayed by her best friend.[13][14]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Jane Patrol

Cliff helps Jane confront "Daddy"

Cliff felt terrible about how he'd treated Jane, and tracked her down to apologize. Her meeting with him sent her into a vegetable state, however, so Cliff brought her back to the manor where his mind was psychically connected to hers by Larry's Negative Spirit. He awoke in her Underground, and set off to find her, meeting several of her personalities such as Hammerhead, Penny Farthing, Karen, Black Annis, and more on his journey. This experience helped him learn more about Jane's inner workings, and even allowed him to discover that her personas had initially manifested thanks to her father's sexual molestation of her as a child. He was forced to truly confront just how badly his insult had hurt her, and to acknowledge that he wasn't the great man he thought he was and that he needed to grow into a better person. Once he found Jane, he apologized and tried to bring her home, but she wouldn't budge. Cliff eventually won her trust back by helping her confront her mind's representation of her father, sending it into the dark recesses of her mind for a long while, and starting Jane on the difficult path to healing. The two emerged from the experience, both changed for the better, and the search for Niles Caulder resumed.[15][16]

The next few days saw the team invade the Ant Farm, a containment facility of oddities maintained by the U.S. government's Bureau of Normalcy to rescue a captured Vic, resulting in them freeing all the Farm's inmates. In the massive breakout, they met one inmate named Flex Mentallo, a friendly metahuman superhero who could alter reality in different ways by flexing different muscles. Once he recovered his memory, he proved to have a connection to the Chief, and the team took him to where Rita and Vic thought they had tracked down Caulder: Danny the Street, a sentient, teleporting street Larry and Vic had met during the Jane incident. When the team arrived, however, the Chief was nowhere to be found. Danny admitted that they knew that Mister Nobody was keeping Caulder in the White Space, the space between comic book panels, and Flex was able to teleport the team inside.[17][18][19]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Penultimate Patrol

The truth at last

Once in the White Space, Nobody captured the group and forced them each into their own specific fantasies, illusions of the hours and minutes before Caulder changed their lives forever. He offered them each a second chance, a happy ending, but realizing just how much they had grown as people because of their accidents, they turned him down. Nobody then tortured them in front of the Chief until finally Caulder agreed to reveal to them the truth that he was behind their accidents as part of his own experiments. Satisfied that all of Caulder's allies were now his enemies, Nobody freed the group, who went on their separate ways, furious at the Chief for what he had done.[19][20]

Family Bonding

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Ezekiel Patrol

The team to the rescue

Eventually, the team was lured back to Doom Manor by Mister Nobody for a second revenge scheme, having kidnapped Danny and the Chief's daughter, Dorothy Spinner, a naive but powerful girl able to bring her imaginary friends to life, including a dangerous, potentially world-ending one called the Candlemaker. Dorothy had been the reason for Caulder's immortality experiments, wanting to outlive her to protect the world from the Candlemaker. Although he didn't want to, Cliff finally agreed to help the team save Dorothy and Danny. Cliff and the team managed to save Dorothy and Danny from a giant cockroach and Admiral Whiskers, but everyone except for Larry was reduced to inches. Eventually, they were restored the normal size by Willoughby Kipling, in exchange for Caulder's longevity talisman, leading him to finally begin to die.[20][21]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 010

An awkward family reunion

When Cliff learned the Chief was dying, but that the group would have to care for and protect Dorothy if he did, he was filled with a mix of joy and fury. After a failed mission to save Caulder with continuinium from the time traveling Doctor Tyme, Cliff decided to reconcile with his own daughter, and traveled to Florida to do so. He told Clara, now pregnant, the truth of his accident, but she didn't believe him, sending him back to the manor angry and miserable. It was around this time he began developing Parkinson's disease, causing his robotics to malfunction, freezing up and shaking violently, thanks to their connection to his brain.[22][23][24]

When he returned to the manor, the Chief attempted to reconnect with Cliff, giving him ecstasy and offering him a sense of touch for his senseless and now failing robotics, in exchange for help with Dorothy. Cliff accepted Niles' kindness, but he initially refused to help him. He was eventually forced by the Chief to chase after Dorothy in a spaceship when she ran away in a second ship after she thought the Candlemaker had killed Jane. When they finally caught up with her on a distant planet, Cliff bonded with her over their traumas, and through his newfound father-daughter bond with her, convinced her to come home. The Chief was grateful to Cliff, but on the return journey to Earth, ejected him from the ship into outer space in order to be alone to properly study the Candlemaker.[25][26][27]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 011

A long walk home

Cliff crash-landed on Earth, unharmed thanks to his indestructible body, and made the long journey on foot to the manor while planning many ways to kill Niles. When he finally returned to the manor, he found Clara, who watched videotapes the Chief had sent to her and knew the truth about Cliff's condition. Cliff and Clara spent the rest of the day together catching up and making up for lost time to make up for lost time. He was invited to her wedding, but was forced to miss it to help Dorothy and the Chief fend off the now unleashed Candlemaker.[28][24][29][6]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Wax Patrol

Battle at the fair

When the group arrived at the fair where the Candlemaker had been released, they were forced to fight physical personifications of their imaginary friends. Cliff's friend, Jesus Christ, smashed his body and left him for dead. Dorothy managed to defeat the Candlemaker, but during the battle, the Chief passed away of old age. A week later, after Vic repaired Cliff, he met Caulder's ghost, and while the two didn't reconcile, Niles convinced Cliff to try again with Clara. With new hope, Cliff went to meet his new grandson, Rory Steele, in the hospital, and promised to be the best grandfather he could be.[6][24]

Battling Parkinson's

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 012

A new resort friend

It was around this time that Cliff's Parkinson's disease began to take effect, causing him to freeze up and parts of his body to uncontrollably shake. Cliff tried to be a good grandfather, but often his hand would start to shake, so he promised Clara that he would find a cure for his possible Parkinson's disease. Cliff went to Codsville with Vic, Rita, and Jane to take a well deserved vacation. There, he met Garguax, an alien and former enemy of Niles, with whom Cliff formed a friendship because of their mutual hatred of Caulder. Soon after, Garguax's assistant Samuelson assassinated the group, and Cliff was reunited with his father in the afterlife, showing him how he'd been failed by him, and how to be better with Clara and Rory. The team was soon revived by Larry and the Dead Boy Detective Agency, and after a brief time as zombies, were returned to normal.[30][31][32]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Dada Patrol

A new mission

Cliff began taking pills to treat his Parkinson's, but ended up taking incredibly high doses and began getting high on them. At the same time, Laura De Mille, a time-traveler with partial amnesia, sent the group after the Sisterhood of Dada, a group of nihilists accidentally freed from the Ant Farm by Cliff and his friends. Unfortunately, when the group faced down the Sisterhood, they were defeated with ease, and so Cliff decided to pursue a hedonistic lifestyle. He began playing online games and selling his friends things to get more money for them, betraying the trust of Jane by selling her records, and Clara by stealing her credit card when he ran out of money.[33][2][34]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Subconscious Patrol

Moving forward to move on

While he was fueling his addiction with the internet, Cliff was forced to confront his subconscious self, the repressed memory of a day when he abandoned a young Clara in a car to get drunk and cheat on Kate, as part of the "Eternal Flagellation", the ultimate plan of the Sisterhood which was now led by Rita. By finally accepting that he had to deal with his Parkinson's properly, and agreeing to love and care for his family, Cliff was made one with his subconscious again, and was transported back to his computer, where he was forced to confront the fact that he had failed Clara by lying to and stealing from her.[34][8]

Cliff attempted to make things right with Clara and Rory, but Laura De Mille, who had begun working for the Brotherhood of Evil, kidnapped him and took him to their leader, the Brain, a genius human brain in a special metal cylinder. Given their identical physiology, the Brain had his assistant Mallah put Cliff's brain in a jar, and the Brain's brain in Cliff's body. They then turned on Laura, drugging her and throwing her and Cliff in the woods.[9]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 014

A temporary body

Furious, Laura took Cliff's brain and put it inside the giant robot that the Brain used years ago. Laura controlled the body and used it to crush the Brain, but Cliff soon gained control, and made his way to the manor to apologize to his friends. However, his Parkinson's caused the gigantic body to continue to walk without stopping, and began walking into downtown Cloverton. He was stopped just in time by Rita, who used her stretching powers to expand to giant size. After this, Rita proposed to the group that they become superheroes, and so they agreed to form a new super-team led by Rita, and with the newly reformed Laura, who saw the error of her ways and wanted to make up for her past. The team then went on to seek out powerful threats to defeat, using Laura's teleporting time-machine to get where they needed to go, with Cliff's gigantic body holding onto the outside.[35]

Making his New Future

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Doom Patrol

The Doom Patrol in action

For three months, Cliff and the team, now officially known as the Doom Patrol, battled various strange villains and with the help of Silas and Vic, Cliff regained his old body, except by his right arm, to become a field agent during missions. The team were given code names for Rita, giving Cliff the nickname "Robotman", something he disliked, regularly standing up for his Parkinson's by not moving and his difficulty listening to Rita as a leader during his battle with the disgusting criminal Codpiece. One day, Cliff recovered his missing right arm, now with the feeling of touching again, deciding to hug his family first, covering his hand with a glove, however, using the time machine to go to Florida, the team ended up 20 years in the future, finding themselves, but dead and discovering that the world was destroyed by the "Buttpocalypse", a future destroyed by the Butts.

Cliff lost his self-esteem when his future self told him he would never touch Rory. After trying to fight the Butts and go back to 2022 again to find a way to avoid the post-apocalyptic future, the Doom Patrol decided to have Laura as their new leader, who tasked Cliff with going on a secret mission to kill the last zombie butt, Darren Jones, a old enemy of the team, who Cliff killed on Laura's orders, using his right hand, devastating him for not being able to touch Rory, considering that he had saved the world. With the order to kill the last Butt, Cliff in an act of kindness, hidden the creature in the refrigerator. Cliff, Jane, and Larry were involved in a roundabout rescue mission to save Rita within her film series, where they were saved by the Larry's son, Keeg, from the clutches of Doctor Janus, a villain with reality-shifting powers, and Mister 104, a man with the power of the elements.[1][36][37][38]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Youth Patrol

"What the yeehaw fuck?"

After the recent adventure, Cliff recovered an old car thanks to Laura, feeling like old times until answering a call to action by Kipling, who warned the team about the possible rise of Immortus, an ancient and dangerous inter-dimensional deity who was seeking take immortality from the Doom Patrol. Cliff, the team and Kipling fell under a spell of youth, causing them to go back to being irresponsible teenagers, mainly with Cliff, who had fun at a party with several young drug addicts in a pool, deciding to abandon the mission to return to normal to continue with the party, but when he returned to his adult state, he brought a baby Jane to the manor, caring for her as his own daughter until she grew back.[3][38]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 019

Losing his longevity to have a future

Cliff noticed Jane's awakening, worried when he saw that she lost her longevity at the hands of Bunbury, a rabbit ally of Kipling's and didn't care until due to his problems, the glove began to speak to him as "Rory", demonstrating to Jane. Cliff being a good person, causing Cliff to advise Jane and head off to face Immortus's allies in the Orqwith realm despite Kipling's warning and the now-reformed Mister 104, however, the duo, Vic and his best friend, Deric Hayes, were held back by the Scissormen, and to Cliff's surprise, the glove reminded him that he accidentally set the Zombie Butt free. Before regaining Jane's longevity, Cliff listened to the proposal of the enigmatic and gothic leader of the Immortus cult, Wally Sage, who showed him a possibility that Cliff could be with Rory when he grows up, a future that Cliff accepted despite Jane's pleas, giving his longevity to Immortus.[38][39]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 020

Facing his robot side

The Doom Patrol would then gather at Orqwith's Sacrarium, witnessing the rise of Immortus, taking the body of Rita's rival, Isabel Feathers. Having let Immortus escape, the Doom Patrol thought about whether he was a threat, blaming Cliff for losing their longevities, causing him to go into depression while searching for the runaway Butt and was helped by Dorothy to realize that his friends loved him, allowing himself to be helped by others, attending an honor parade with the team, however, the Doom Patrol would be transported to an alternate musical reality created by Immortus called "Immortimas", where the entire team was normal and although Cliff wanted to stay because he could sense, the team eventually returned to reality after Immortus' warning.[39][40][41]

Being close to death, Cliff decided to travel to Florida with Jane to see his family one last time, but due to their recent old age, the duo returned to the mansion without fulfilling their goal, sharing a family moment with Rita and Larry. With Rita on the verge of death, the Doom Patrol decided to confront Isabel to regain her longevity, but they were also forced to flee from the Zombies Butts led by Teddy, a revolutionary Butt leader who sought to overthrow humanity, and Cliff, along with the team, would be banished by Isabel to the Timestream.[42]

Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Series 016

The Last Stand

To ensure the team's salvation, Vic managed to create a techno-pod to avoid dying within the Timestream, receiving Keeg's help to travel between three portals that would help them regain each other's longevity and stop Immortus. Cliff headed to the portal that took him to Paraguay in 1948, where he met Niles Caulder after acquiring the talisman, forming an unlikely friendship in their first meeting, as with Kipling, and after saving Niles from a couple of Nazis, he left Niles paraplegic, so instead of taking the talisman, he returned it to him. Managing to leave the Timestream, the Doom Patrol, without having regained their longevity, returned to the Playhouse to confront Immortus and then the Butts, however, the two threats became friends over their love of musicals, allowing the team to escape while Immortus and the Butts disappeared. Shortly after, the Doom Patrol celebrated their triumph against the apocalypse before Cliff, Jane and Larry regained their longevity thanks to the toenails of Immortus, who granted Cliff a crystal.[43][4]

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 021

"It's okay. I made it home."

Despite having become young again, the Doom Patrol learned that Rita had died, but instead of going to save her, she asked the team to continue their lives to improve and with great sadness, the team agreed to her request, ending to the Doom Patrol. After Rita's funeral and the separation of the team, Cliff chose to form a new path, saying goodbye to Jane with a last hug and headed to Florida to finally spend time with his family and feel for Rory, although Parkinson's continued to affect him. Months of happiness with his family, Cliff was with his grandson in the car until he saw how the crystal that Immortus gave him showed him a flashforward of Clara's death and the future of Rory, who would make the same mistakes as Cliff, but would form a family, getting to know his granddaughter, cheering Cliff for Rory's future and stating that he made it home, Cliff suffered from Parkinson's, with his eyes fading, dying in front of his family.[4]


After his death, Cliff's legacy would be honored by the paintings of Jane, who remembered him as her father figure and best friend, and Rory, since even though his grandfather passed away, he used the car that he repaired for him, living every important situation with him, his first date, the birth of his daughter, Clara's death and his meeting with his granddaughter.[4]



  • Driving: Being a former race car driver, Cliff possesses finely honed driving capabilities.
  • Dancing: Prior to his accident, Cliff watched the movie Flashdance a total of eighty-seven times, and as a result is familiar with a variety of dances.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Cliff has shown to possess moderate fighting skills, using his enhanced strength and highly durable robot body to his advantage.
  • Singing[29][41]
  • Cooking[10][29]
  • Multilingualism: Due to his experience as a zombie, Cliff can understand the zombie language.[36] Also, Cliff was able to briefly speak Japanese with Sachiko's help.[33]
  • Mechanical Engineering: Under his father's tutelage, Cliff learned to repair cars for racing.


  • Technological Reliability: Cliff is just a brain in a robot suit, suffering from all the vulnerabilities and strengths that come with it.
    • Restricted Senses (Formerly) : Because Cliff is now just a brain in a rudimentary robot-body, he's lost connection to his five basic senses, often longing for them. He also can't experience an orgasm. However, thanks to his new arm made by Silas and Vic, Cliff regained his sense of touch in one finger.[19][1]
    • Restricted Mobility (Formerly): Cliff had to adjust to his robot body, requiring physical therapy with Larry over time to learn how to climb stairs again.[7]

Other Characteristics


  • Doom Bus (Formerly)
  • Shipley (Formerly)
  • Cliff Steele's Car (Formerly)


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