Clifford Cliff Steele was an adventurer and daredevil who had agreed to be injected with an experimental nanomachines that were designed to improve and repair his body over time. However he would find his body badly injured while racing his car in a fatal car crash during a high speed. Despite the damage caused by the car crash the nanomachines in his body responded by creating a robotic body in order to encase and protect his still living brain. Though he was initially distraught over his condition, the nanomachines prevented him from being able to kill himself. He eventually came to terms with his condition, he becomes a freelance hero, assisted by a woman named Maddy, who was involved in the nanomachine project and blames herself for Cliff's condition.

Doom Patrol

Cliff was eventually recruited by Niles Caulder to join his team the Doom Patrol which consisted of other heroes with extraordinary abilities. After being joined by their newest member Element Woman, after Niles convinced Elemental Women that she was abandoned by the Justice League, Cliff and the members assisted in try to recruit Jessica Cruz and ended up engaged the League in combat. However during the fight Lex Luthor revealed Cliff's "accident" along with the other members of Doom Patrol were caused by Niles.[1]

Another version of Steele, more closely resembling a version of him from a previous iteration of reality, later accompanied the Doom Patrol on a number of missions before learning that he was apparently not the real Cliff.


  • Robot Body: All of Robotman's powers originate from his cybernetic components. The outer body shell is formed by multiple layers of special flexible ceramic metal.
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength: Thanks to his cybernetic components Cliff is now far stronger than a common human being.
    • Conditional Upgrades: Cliff's newest body, constructed by Keeg Bovo, is programmed to unlock a new upgrade whenever Cliff performs a good deed.[2]
      • Bio-Fission: Due to his upgrade chip being damaged in a fight, Cliff gained the ability to duplicate perfect versions of himself. [3]
        • Size Alteration: When his chip went haywire, Cliff's multiple clones of himself could assemble to the size of a planet, known as Planet Cliff.
      • Chlorokinesis: Cliff gained the upgrade to heal and fertilize plants by sticking his arms in the soil, which he used to heal a harvest for a race of aliens. [4]
      • Flamethrower
      • Heat Vision [5]
      • Hydrokinesis: Cliff gained the ability to redirect water and purify it through himself, which he used to purify a water distribution system for a race of aliens. [6]




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