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Quote1.png You called me "soldier;" General. Soldiers fight enemies on a battlefield. This is no battlefield. Quote2.png
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Major Force was a military operative working under General Eiling.

Martin Stein hoped to continue his research on the Firestorm Matrix, but for that, he needed Firestorm (Jason Rusch/Ronnie Raymond) in a secure location. He turned to the government, and so the mission ended up with General Eiling. Eiling dispatched Major Force.

The hero was fighting several of his villains in Pittsburgh, and Major Force gained his trust by disposing of Hyena. Though Killer Frost briefly froze him, he broke free and punched out Black Bison. He then lured Firestorm to his vehicle and used a special camera to knock him out.

Major Force completed his mission, but Stein had seen how the government subverted his research and brought in Superman. Major Force confronted him about his lack of authority but was easily dispatched.[1]



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