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Clio is an Amazon scribe and historian.[1] She has reputation for timidness and rarely leaves the Library of Themyscira.[2]

Early Life

Clio served as scribe on the Amazon island of Themyscira, managing the island's library with the oversight of her predecessor, Hellene. When she was tasked with teaching Amazonian history to the young Princess Diana the two became friends and Clio was persuaded into helping Diana seek out a long lost Amazonian text.[2] Diana found the texts only to realise they were cursed in a way that allowed the witch Circe to possess Clio. Fortunately for Clio, she was exorcized by the Amazon's Purple Healing Ray and made a full recovery from Circe's attack.[3] After the event Hellen admitted that she hid the missing history texts at the orders of Queen Hippolyta who, with Diana's encouragement, gave Clio permission to restore the missing texts.[4]

Queen Nubia

When a new generation of Amazons emerged from Themyscira's Well of Souls following the coronation of Queen Nubia, Clio conducted interviews with the young Amazons in order to document the developing history of Themyscira for her successors.[5] Her project would be interrupted when she was possessed again by the Gorgon Medusa who attempted to use Clio's historical knowledge to locate where the Amazon's were hiding her severed head.[6] Fortunately, Clio made a full recovery after Nubia lifted Medusa's curse. Clio later joined Queen Nubia on her international tour, documenting the journey and learning the history of Man's World for Themyscira's archives.[5]