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The Clockwatchers was a team formed by Clock King, which he proclaimed to be the "Future of Villainy."


Along with Acidia, Crackle, Radiant and Sharpe, the team sought to become one of the premier criminal organizations in the world. They even started their own website, www.supervillains.com.

On their first mission, the Clockwatchers attacked the L.L. Siegel & Shuster Toy Store in midtown Metropolis. Aware that the Teen Titans were making a public appearance at the store, the Clock King felt that defeating them would be a crowning achievement for his team's first battle. Unfortunately for the Clock King, super-heroes Booster Gold, Firehawk and DEO agent Cameron Chase were also present. Chase used her powers to negate all of the Clockwatchers' Metahuman abilities, allowing the Titans, Gold and Firehawk the chance to easily defeat them. Their current whereabouts remains unknown.

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