Clonus was a renegade Controller who joined the Wanderers.


When the Controllers left their native continuum for the nearest and most desperate target, one of their members decided that their rules and laws were unhelpful in the grand scheme of universal safety. Fleeing from his allies, Clonus found haven with the Wanderers however his search was far too late for the entire team had died at the hands of monsters.


Harvesting their DNA, Clonus was able to clone himself as he left in search for more answers to his many questions. Clonus' clone was able to continue to process to create a newer, stronger incarnation of the Wanderers and succeeded save for one life. After reviving the team and exploring their abilities they're met with an uncomfortable decision; Clonus' prime body has returned at the same time as the Controllers have set a searcher in pursuit of the Wanderers. Choosing to attempt to save his prime body, Clonus dropped his station's cloaking shield which allowed the searcher to find them just as his prime body passed away.

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