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The Club of Villains was group of obscure villains gathered together under the guidance of Doctor Hurt,[1] who organized them to bring down Batman and his allies as well.


Le Bossu and King Kraken infiltrated the Batcave while the others went looking for the rest of the Bat-Family.[2]

When Batman was taken out, they tried to capture various members of the Batman Family in a surgical strike. They caught Nightwing, and ambushed Alfred, but missed Robin.[3]

They faced trouble when Commissioner Gordon went to Wayne Manor to talk with Bruce Wayne, and they were forced to lure Gordon into a trap inside the mansion. At that moment, they learned that Batman had captured Charlie Caligula and they hurried the last step on their plan.[4] Once in Arkham, El Sombrero arranged a trap of red and black roses, while Scorpiana prepared to lobotomize Nightwing and Le Bossu freed Joker from his cell. However, things took a wrong turn when Joker attacked Le Bossu, killed some of his henchmen and later he almost killed El Sombrero. Joker was stopped by Doctor Hurt, who told him to focus on Batman, after he arrived at Arkham.[5]

What began as the ultimate plan to eliminate Batman became the ultimate failire for the Club of Villains. Scorpiana was about to kill Nightwing by herself, when Le Bossu finally arrived to perform the lobotomy on him. However Nightwing woke up, attacked them and locked them in the room while he set out to help Batman. When the Black Glove was defeated after the apparent death of Doctor Hurt, all the members of the Club of Villains were captured by members of the Batman Family and the Club of Heroes.[6]



  • All the transportation means were provided by the Black Glove.

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