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Clyde Phillips is one half of the married criminal duo known as Punch and Jewelee.


The pair are considered a joke, as most people don't take them too seriously, which they soon regret; the pair are amoral individuals who act out of sheer whim or a strict plan, making them as almost as unpredictable as the Joker.

Punch grew up in Brooklyn with Jewelee, and the two young lovers worked as puppeteers at Coney Island by day, and as thieves by night. Their lives stayed mostly the same until Clyde Phillips found a container filled with alien weaponry, which they both quickly mastered.

They used the alien technology to create a large underground headquarters base in Coney Island. As Clyde and his wife had always been puppeteers, they decided to adapt the characters of Punch and Judy to themselves. The pair started a brief criminal career along the East Coast.

The couple then decided to use a mind-recording device to steal the minds of very prominent nuclear scientists and sell their knowledge to the highest bidder, making them the enemies of King Faraday and Nightshade. Their continued mindless acts of violence brought them fame, making them very good candidates for the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller recruited the couple for a mission with the Suicide Squad. Though the pair lacked focus and had an odd predisposition for violence, Waller kept them under observation as active team members, despite Bronze Tiger's worries about them being a liability to the squad.

After Jewelee became pregnant, she and Punch left the Squad and tried to settle down in Middle America. They were later seen in Washington, D.C., attempting to steal an experimental force-field vest to protect their baby boy.



  • Mind-Recording Device: This was an alien artifact that came equipped with pre-recorded instructions on how to use the other items contained within the chest. This device also enabled Punch and Jewelee to steal the knowledge and memories of its intended victims.
  • Hypno-Gems: Another alien tool found with the chest, the Hypno-Gems were capable of hypnotizing other human beings. This item was actually more often used by Jewelee then Punch.


  • Anti-Gravity Boots: By donning these special boots, Punch could defy the forces of gravity to a limited extent, enabling him to virtually "walk" on air. This particular brand of footwear is not dissimilar to the boots worn by James Jesse, aka the Trickster.


  • Sting Strings: Punch used an alien gun that projected beams of concentrated light that allowed him to take physical control over another person's body. In function, the sting strings were similar to the strings found on a puppet.