Clyde Rawlins once worked as an undercover officer for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the United States.

The home office assigned him to investigate the heroin drug cartels and Clyde began taking action against an Asian street gang known as the Ghost Dragons. Clyde eventually discovered that the Ghost Dragons answered to a millionaire drug czar named Sir Edmund Dorrance, also known as the King Snake. Dorrance grew irritated with Clyde's persistent interference and decided to provide the law enforcement agent with enough incentive to keep him away.

The King Snake broke into the Rawlins home and killed both of his children while they slept. He then proceeded to torture and ultimately kill Clyde's wife. The death of his family drove Clyde over the edge. The DEA felt that he was psychologically unfit for duty and suspended his license.

With nothing but a hunger for revenge guiding him, Clyde decided to pursue King Snake and the Ghost Dragons on his own. For two years, he investigated King Snake's heroin chain and tracked the Ghost Dragons to the Hong Kong section of Paris, France. He squared off with them inside of a dingy warehouse, but the able-bodied thugs were able to outfight him. Billy Hue, leader of the Ghost Dragons, tied Clyde to a chair and began to torture him. Fortunately for Clyde, aid was only moments away. The American crime fighter known as Robin burst into the warehouse and freed him from his bonds. Together, they fought back against the Ghost Dragons, and succeeded in driving them away. Robin brought Clyde back to his hotel room to help him recuperate.

Clyde was grateful to the young adventurer, and agreed to help him hone his crime fighting technique. He taught Robin some basic principals of hand-to-hand combat, which the young hero combined with the fighting style he adopted from his mentor, the Batman.

The Ghost Dragons tracked Clyde to the Hotel St. Germain and raided the room. An Asian assassin known as Lady Shiva arrived and offered to help Clyde and Robin escape. The two had little choice but to accept Shiva's assistance and entered into a temporary alliance with her. All three wanted to put an end to King Snake's empire, but each of them wanted to do so for completely different reasons.

They investigated King Snake's current operations and discovered that he had come into possession of a fifty-year-old cache of Nazi engineered Bubonic plague. They followed the plague's trail to Hong Kong and executed a raid on King Snake's headquarters at the Dorrance Building. While Robin raced off to secure the contaminant, Clyde sought out the King Snake.

He burst into a penthouse trophy room where he discovered King Snake waiting for him. Skilled as he was, Clyde was no match for the expertly trained blind fighter. King Snake delivered a brutal kick to Clyde's back, smashing his spine. He then wheeled around and executed a fatal blow across his neck. Clyde perished without ever having avenged the deaths of his beloved wife and children.




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