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The Codpiece is a Doom Patrol villain with a massive... inferiority complex.

He was told that he wasn't big enough in High School, and though the girl who said it meant his height, he thought she meant his...penis. Due to an inferiority complex about the size of his weiner, he created a suit with a codpiece weapon system and became a supervillain. He primarily robbed banks.

He was eventually stopped when Coagula, who was wearing a frog mask due to not having a costume when she came across his crime spree, got him to lower his guard and used her powers to dissolve his codpiece multi-weapon.


  • Codpiece multi-weapon: The codpiece had a wide variety of functions including use as a cannon, firing missiles, a sonic attack, two retractable boxing gloves, and a variety of tools such as drills and scissors.



Doom Patrol Vol 1 86
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