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"Dark Endeavours, Part Three: From Graves Forgotten": At her school in Coffin Hill, Massachusetts, Bianca Morelli pretends that she hasn't heard from her 'former friend Lacey to Lacey's friends, though Bianca had abandoned her in the Coffin House

Quote1.png I may not have had my fifteen minutes like you, Eve, but also unlike you... I'm still a detective. I don't know what you're lying about, how responsible you really are. But I will find out. Quote2.png
Det. Ingersoll

Coffin Hill #10 is an issue of the series Coffin Hill (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 13, 2014.

Synopsis for "Dark Endeavours, Part Three: From Graves Forgotten"

At her school in Coffin Hill, Massachusetts, Bianca Morelli pretends that she hasn't heard from her 'former friend Lacey to Lacey's friends, though Bianca had abandoned her in the Coffin House just the other day. When she spots Patrick Finn waiting for her on the curb, she gets into his car, despite his being much older, and lets him drive her away.

In December of 2012, Eve Coffin and her partner Greg Frost were going over photos from the Ice Fisher Killer murders, hoping that Eve's intuition that the killer had to be a fellow cop was wrong. Eve contemplates the method of the murders, and has a sudden epiphany. The killer must keep his victims alive while he waits for the weather forecast to go well below freezing, requiring the ice he encases the bodies in to freeze over after he has cut it out. The killer must therefore know the schedules for the icebreakers. He must know where poli9ce patrols are going to go. He must be a cop. Though this is unfortunate news, it does mean that the sixth victim is still alive.

Today, Eve is in jail for the murder of Doyle Donovan, and already, she has made enemies, just for being a former cop. A gang of fellow inmates appears at the door of her cell, and one of them tries to stick her with a shiv. Not unable to defend herself, Eve thrusts her fingers into the woman's eye, burning it with magic. As the guards come to break up the fight, dragging the attacking prisoner away, Eve surreptitiously kicks the shiv under her cot.

Lacey, meanwhile, is trapped in Coffin House, tormented by evil magic. She is relieved to hear a voice offering her help, and she runs toward it, but can't find the source.

That night, Eve retrieves the shiv, and her cellmate worries she'll get caught with it. Eve is unconcerned, so her cellmate asks her what kind of cop she used to be. Eve suggests that she was a good enough cop to know that Lopez' attack on her that day was because someone hired her to kill her. The only man she can think of who would want to kill her, though, is dead.

Eve followed her lead, checking the logs from all of the precincts in Boston, on all the nights that the Ice Fisher Killer dumped a body in the Charles River. She was interrupted in sharing her information with Frost when Doyle Donovan interrupted, reporting that the blood sample Eve found at one of the scenes was not in the system. He noticed Eve's tired eyes, and suggested that she could get a drink with him to vent about the job some time, if she wanted. She responded by noting that it was more important to determine who among them was the killer. In response to his confusion, Greg explained their theory.

At the jail, Eve meets with Det. Lenore Ingersoll from Internal Affairs, to check whether it was her who tried to have her killed. Ingersoll responds that she wants Eve alive to serve her life sentence for killing Donovan. Ingersoll believes Eve is guilty, and questions the innocence of Eve's boyfriend Nate Finn while she's at it, drawing Eve's ire. Ingersoll responds that no matter how angry Eve is, she will remain in jail until she confesses to what really happened with Donovan. Eve responds with a steely-eyed glare.

Bianca checks Patrick's glove compartment, and discovers a stash of pharmaceuticals, bumming some Percocet. As he parks in the middle of the Coffin Hill Cemetery, Patrick explains that he knows his little brother Nate went to school with Bianca's older sister Dani. He suggests that Nate might be sexually attracted to her, despite the fact that she's only fifteen, and might use his authority as a policeman to get into her pants. Bianca is disgusted, and frightened when Patrick grabs her, placing the pendant from around his neck against her chest. In doing so, it seems to affect her, and she collapses in the snow, as if her soul had been emptied.

Nate, meanwhile, is caught driving on the I-90 in a storm, his passenger warns that if he is too slow, and if his brother gets the better of him, Eve, Lacey, and Bianca will all become victims. Grumpily, Nate continues driving, as Doyle Donovan urges him onward.

Appearing in "Dark Endeavours, Part Three: From Graves Forgotten"

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  • Det. Lenore Ingersoll
  • Lopez
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