"Dark Endeavors, Part Four: Evening Silence Come": Patrick Finn is colluding with a witch called Belinda, who was the one behind the assassination attempt on Eve Coffin in prison. Unfortunately, Eve defeated the woman they used. Patrick

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Coffin Hill #11 is an issue of the series Coffin Hill (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2014. It was published on September 10, 2014.

Synopsis for "Dark Endeavors, Part Four: Evening Silence Come"

Patrick Finn is colluding with a witch called Belinda, who was the one behind the assassination attempt on Eve Coffin in prison. Unfortunately, Eve defeated the woman they used. Patrick warns that Eve is not his responsibility. He had only agreed to help wipe out the Coffin Hill coven - Eve, in Boston, is Belinda's problem. He had, however, checked out Bianca Morelli, and he can tell that she's beyond saving at this point. Belinda warns him that borrowing any of Bianca's magic when he attacked the girl is against their covenant - a covenant which requires him to kill his brother Nathan to save him from the witches. Patrick promises that by tomorrow, the total number of witches in Coffin Hill will be down by two.

In 2012, Eve Coffin returned to her apartment to find her distraught roommate Kimmy complaining of her abusive ex-boyfriend's attempts to get his money back from her. Eve urged her to stop making a mess, throwing things around, apologizing for having forgotten to help get Kimmy a restraining order due to her exhausting work-life, working on the Ice Fisher Killer case. After calming down, Kimmy helped Eve clean up, and in the evidence laid out on the coffee table, she noted that she recognized a gym at which one of the photos of the victims was taken. She explained that she'd taken a self-defence course from a cop there once.

The next day, Eve reported this news to her partner Greg Frost, who noted that not all of the victims could have taken the same self defence course, or he'd have caught it. Eve explained that the link got her thinking of all the opportunities that the Boston Police Department has for civilians to get involved. The first victim had got a DUI right before college, and went to mandatory classes to scrub her record. The second girl's school had a "scared straight" program for Driver's Education, run by the police to encourage seat belt wearing. The third victim, Thea Crane, had gone on a ride-along in order to see how a tracking device she developed at MIT working first-hand. Greg doubted that all of them could have come into contact with the same cop, but Eve insisted that the connection was real. Doyle Donovan popped his head into their office to ask Eve out for a work related drive.

In the basement of Coffin House, Lacey attempts to follow a voice guiding her safely away from the nightmarish creatures haunting her. When she discovers the source of the voice - a dark haired girl about her age - she wonders how she survived the creatures overrunning the mansion. The girl responds that she didn't. She is a witch. But she can still offer Lacey a way out.

Having been knocked unconscious in the Coffin Hill Cemetery by Patrick Finn the previous day, Bianca finally gets home to find her mother talking with him in her kitchen. Looking up, he comments that she forgot something when they last met. He excuses himself from her mother, and chases Bianca outside, warning that he knows about how Bianca covered for his brother when he shot Mel. Bianca denies that Nate shot Mel at all, but Patrick grabs her wrist, ignoring her claims, and admitting that it is too bad she chose the path she did. He hates witches, and he would gladly stamp them out - and there are others like him. He thrusts a knife into her gut and lets her drop.

Doyle and Eve waited in the car for a while, making small-talk about Christmas until Lenore Ingersoll climbed into the back seat - annoyed to see Eve there. Grumpily, she delivered Internal Affairs Bureau files for their case. Over dinner, Eve wondered how they could be sure Ingersoll herself wasn't the killer. Doyle responded that as cold and bitchy as Ingersoll was, he had gone to school with her, and knew she was a straight arrow. Her best guesses at who on the force might be the killer would be as good as their own. After drinks, Doyle asked Eve to go home with him, and she warned it was a bad idea. He became frustrated, checking to be sure he wasn't misreading their chemistry. Eve admitted that as much as she liked him, he reminded her of someone else from her past, and she didn't want to retread that ground. He reponded that he didn't want to be a stand-in for that other guy, and pushing aside her doubts, she kissed him.

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