"Dark Endeavors, Part Five: The Still Midnight": In 2012, with the Ice Fisher Killer likely a fellow cop, Eve Coffin resorted to black magic to determine who among her allies she could trust. Little did she know, she couldn't trust herself. The magic was

Quote1.png I came to get you out. Patrick's using witchcraft. Quote2.png
Nate Finn

Coffin Hill #12 is an issue of the series Coffin Hill (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2014. It was published on October 10, 2014.

Appearing in "Dark Endeavors, Part Five: The Still Midnight"

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Synopsis for "Dark Endeavors, Part Five: The Still Midnight"

In 2012, with the Ice Fisher Killer likely a fellow cop, Eve Coffin resorted to black magic to determine who among her allies she could trust. Little did she know, she couldn't trust herself. The magic was the deepest she'd gone with witchcraft since the night that Dani died in the woods. The pull of this spell on her blood only served to remind her of how deeply the black magic was seeded in the Coffin bloodline. She made a potion called Liar's Tears, and bought coffee for her partners in the case, adding a few drops of the potion to their cups. Greg Frost took one sip of it, and spat it out, claiming it tasted bad, while Doyle Donovan chugged his before leaving to re-canvas the dorms at Boston University. After he was gone, Greg demanded to know whether Eve had slept with Doyle - not that it was any of his business. Eve responded with the negative, and reminded him not to play big brother to her. Greg confessed that all he cared about was sparing her the way Doyle used women.

Now, at the Nashua Street Jail, Nate Finn flashes his police chief's badge at the front desk and demands to see Eve. Annoyed with his rudeness and persistence, the guard passes him a baggie to check his gun and metal objects into - and gives him just five minutes. Next to him, the hallucination of Doyle Donovan that has been haunting Nate suggests that he lie about having a bullet lodged in his body when going through sets off the metal detector. It being late, Nate apologizes for waking Eve, who comments that he looks rather haggard. Nate admits that his brother Patrick has come back to Coffin Hill, and he needs her help. Eve warns that if Patrick is back, Nate shouldn't have come. Nate explains that he only came to get her out of jail. If Patrick's plan comes to fruition, the murder charges against Eve won't matter anymore. He admits that he can't be the one to watch Patrick, because he's been seeing things. Before he can explain, though, the lights go out, and the prison goes on lockdown. Soon, the pair are attacked by guards under the influence of witchcraft.

Eve went against her better judgment and stopped by Doyle's house in Dorchester. It had been a mistake to go home with him the previous night, and stopping by now would be no different - though her motives this time were different. When he failed to come to the door, she worriedly made her way around the back to the rear door. When she laid her hand on the doorknob, though, a burst of magical energy knocked her onto her ass. As she recovered, Doyle appeared behind her, and instinctively, Eve pulled her sidearm on him, warning him not to scare her like that. Nonchalantly, he invited her inside, promising to explain the barrier spell on his house once she lowered her weapon. Annoyed that he never told her he was a witch, and that feeling that Frost was right about him, Eve holstered the gun and tossed him the cold burger she bought him. Trying to save face, Doyle explained that his family's clan were merely hedge witches and ditchwater conjurers from County Kerry - nothing like the witches of Coffin Hill. He hadn't told her because he didn't want her to think he was using her - like she did when she did find out.

Following the dark haired girl she met in the basements of Coffin House, Lacey worries that she's being led astray. The girl assures her that she knows the house like the back of her hand. It had been her house for a long time - and she had been there since. Lacey responds that she just wants to go home.

At the prison, Eve explains that someone is trying to have her killed, as she and Nate run down the halls in an attempt to escape the men chasing them. She lures the guards into the showers and entraps them with dark magic - but collapses suddenly. The men explain that they are imbued with a blowback charm, that returns Eve's magic back on her. Eve responds that wearing charms versus tattooing them is not very practical, as she has already ripped his off. Suddenly, tentacles of black magic pierce through the shower wall, and skewer him. Before the other guard can do anything, he is shot in the head by Lenore Ingersoll. Having saved Eve's life, she asks again to know whether Eve killed Doyle Donovan - and whether it had anything to do with dark magic like this. Eve admits that she killed Doyle, but that if Ingersoll wants to hear more, she'll have to join them in the car on the way to Coffin Hill. Two girls are in need of their help.

While Doyle was in the shower, Eve looked through his stuff, and discovered that he went to the same gym as the victims, and further that he had been on the Boston Police Department's Harbor Patrol. When she confronted him, he made only a minimal effort to dissuade her of the fact that he was the Ice Fisher Killer. As Eve began to lose consciousness from his magic, she warned that Frost would find her. He responded that Frost would find her too late, locking her in a compartment in his floor.



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