"Dark Endeavors: The Verge, The Silence": When Eve Coffin was seven, she fell through the ice of her family's pond. She had never experienced such darkness and cold before, and it was only thanks to her mother's quick action that sh

Quote1 I'd been running through those woods for close to a decade. Scared of what was behind me. Turns out there was nothing there. Just me and the choices I'd made. I should have died, but I didn't. When I wokr up, I stopped running from the monsters... and I decided that from then on... the monsters needed to be afraid of me. Quote2
Eve Coffin

Coffin Hill #13 is an issue of the series Coffin Hill (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2015. It was published on November 11, 2014.

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Synopsis for "Dark Endeavors: The Verge, The Silence"

When Eve Coffin was seven, she fell through the ice of her family's pond. She had never experienced such darkness and cold before, and it was only thanks to her mother's quick action that she didn't drown. In 2012, Eve experienced something similar after Doyle Donovan, the Ice Fisher Killer, locked her in a crawlspace in his floor when she discovered the truth about him. The problem was that nobody would be able to save her but herself, in this case. Fortunately, she still had her phone, and tried to call her partner Greg Frost with it. Unfortunately, the blizzard outside ruined his reception, and he couldn't make out her cry for help and warning about Donovan's identity. Eve noted that if there was a blizzard, Donovan would come back to ditch the corpse buried down there with her in the river, as was his M.O. She would have to wait until that moment, if she couldn't get out any other way.

The dark haired girl leads Lacey to the edge of a great chasm beneath Coffin House, explaining that this is the way out. Lacey has nothing to live for - and this is the way out for her. Suddenly, Lacey's friend Bianca Morelli appears as if from nowhere to warn Lacey away from the edge, explaining that the witch intends to kill her. As they run away, Bianca explains that she's not really there. She is a projection sent to get Lacey to help her, as she doesn't have long left to live. Lacey follows her until she finds herself in the Coffin House wine cellar, where she discovers Ellie Coffin in her wheelchair. Ellie notes that the girl's expression makes it clear that she doesn't need to threaten Lacey to get out of her house, but warns that Bianca needs her help, and shoos her out of the mansion.

While Eve was waiting for her moment, Greg Frost was looking for her. With dispatch's help, he traced her GPS signal to Donovan's house - which was not especially surprising, considering that he had assumed they had a relationship - but when he realized that Donovan himself wasn't at his house, he became suspicious.

Eve worriedly texted her roommmate Kimmy, hoping she could help, but she quickly put the phone away when she heard Doyle's footsteps above her. He opened the door to the crawlspace and urged her to put on a pair of handcuffs and cooperate or nobody would find Lisa Ware - the victim who was still alive somewhere - before he killed her. Eve complied, getting into his car with him as he explained that Lisa Ware was an attractive young psych major at Boston University. He had her naked and strewn up in an unheated warehouse, and she wouldn't likely last the night. Eve, though she knew she should only have been thinking of helping herself and helping Lisa Ware, began thinking of ways to make Doyle pay. As he led her to the warehouse, Doyle suggested that she could join him in his endeavor. She was, after all, a witch, and denying it couldn't last forever.

Having just been stabbed by Patrick Finn, Bianca drags herself away from him in the snow, causing further blood loss. Mockingly, he suggests that she just give up and die, instead of always fighting like most witches do. He is taken by surprise, though, when Lacey catches up to them, and clubs him upside the head with a stick. Weakly, Bianca takes the opportunity to attack him with her magic, before Lacey takes her in her arms. Patrick nearly recovers before he is zapped by Officer Wilcox' taser.

Fortunately, Bianca gets the medical attention she needs, as Wilcox books Patrick, who remarks that he's not the only one who wants to see the girls dead - and it would do Coffin Hill good if she let him go to finish his work. Before Wilcox shoves him into the back of her Lacey warns that if Bianca dies, there won't be any place he can hide from her. It doesn't do well to fuck with witches.

Donovan explained that his intent wasn't to hurt anyone - the killings were just a means to an end. He admits that he knows about Eve's past, and the horrors she saw in the Coffin Hill woods. She knew what it's like to watch someone die - and the power in being the reason that happens. He freed her hands as a sign of good will, but as soon as his back was turned, she grabbed his knife and thrust it into his shoulder. Angrily, he responded that he he thought she would understand his purpose. The girls he'd murdered were useless to him in his quest to become a vessel for something greater. She was equally useless to him, struggling as she was. He took the knife back, slicing her across the face, damaging her right eye.

As he leapt on her, Eve explained that she knew he would make a mistake. His mistake in this case was forgetting that despite being a witch, he was only human. She groped for his side-arm, and pressed it to his gut, firing off two shots as he collapsed on top of her. It was only moments before Greg found her, and helped her dump Doyle's body down the elevator shaft, along with everything that linked him to the scene. Worriedly, Greg warned that if anyone found out about Doyle's crimes, the two of them would never recover from the stain. He had already been branded a crook after his old partner stole some bonds. As they left the room, a homeless man living in the warehouse admitted to them that Doyle had essentially set him up to be the fall-guy for his murders - and now the two of them would need him to do that. Eve resisted initially, knowing it would be wrong, but Greg warned that if this man didn't take the fall, it would be Eve who took it instead. It would be best to just go home and come up with a strong story.

In Coffin Hill again, Lenore Ingersoll warns that despite saving the girls from Patrick, she still shot a cop, and still belongs at Nashua Street Jail. Despite that condemnation, Nate Finn releases her. In the bullpen, Greg Frost is waiting to set the record straight with Ingersoll, once and for all. However, before they can talk, Nate revelas that he was being possessed by someone or something, and it leaves him limp on the floor.

Eve went along with Frost's plan back then, accepting the accolades for putting an innocent man - albeit a psychotic with a long rap sheet - in prison for Doyle's crimes. And because of that, it was she who felt like a monster. When she reutrned to her apartment, she found Kimmy in a bad situation and realized that she had once again forgotten to get her friend a restraining order on her ex. This being the last straw for Kimmy, she grabbed the gun from the floor and pointed it at Eve, and in that moment, Eve saw death looking her in the face, and accepted it. But Kimmy didn't kill her, and when she realized that, Eve decided to stop running from her monsters, and to make the monsters afraid of her.

From out of Nathan's body comes the dark haired girl, whom Eve recognizes as Emma Coffin, warning her away from toying with Nate again. The girl responds that she doesn't care to. She wants Eve - and everyone she cares about.



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