"Haunted Houses, Part One": It had been Evelyn Coffin who sealed her mother Emma's fate. Emma was colloquially known as the Coffin witch, and despite trying to teach her daughter he ways, she had been hung at the end of a rope. Despit

Quote1.png I've met enough angry spirits like Emma to know: the dead can't be reasoned with. They only understand their own pain... And all they want is to inflict it on everyone around them. Quote2.png
Eve Coffin

Coffin Hill #15 is an issue of the series Coffin Hill (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2015. It was published on February 11, 2015.

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Synopsis for "Haunted Houses, Part One"

It had been Evelyn Coffin who sealed her mother Emma's fate. Emma was colloquially known as the Coffin witch, and despite trying to teach her daughter he ways, she had been hung at the end of a rope. Despite having turned her mother in, Evelyn was also declared a witch by the other five families of the town, and hung along with her - proving that it was the people of Coffin Hill who rotted the heart out of the town, and not any curse. Now, Emma is back, and she has come to play executioner on the families who kept the secret of her murder.

Eve Coffin wakes suddenly from her nightmare, seated next to her boyfriend Nate, who fell into a coma after Emma Coffin released him from her possession. Taking his hand, she promises - for Emma's benefit - that she doesn't intend to leave his side.

Meanwhile, back in the Coffin Woods, a set of bones has been discovered by a group of hikers. On the scene Officer Wilcox welcomes temporary chief Leland Starr, failing to impress by yawning heavily and appearing lethargic. Starr warns that he has a different way of running things than Nathan Finn did - and she should shape up. In the meantime, they learn that the remains are those of a young girl between eight and twelve years old, with fragments of tarpaulin surrounding the bones. The examiner suspects the bones date back to the late fifties or early sixties - but the key thing about this discovery is that the body had surely been dug up recently. Wilcox examines a locket found on the victim's person, and recognizes a picture of Ellie Coffin inset in it, next to one she presumes is the victim. Sighing, she admits that Starr will probably regret the interview they're about to take.

They arrive at Coffin House, and are greeted at the door by Eve. Starr marches right in, intending to question Ellie, and Eve warns Wilcox that they'd better catch up before her mother stirs him into her morning coffee. After being shown the locket, Ellie responds that she doesn't remember the girl, dating the photo back to 1961-ish, two years after her father died - claiming this as an excuse for bad memory. Eve warns her mother not to lie. This is, after all, a murder investigation. Ellie responds that this is not her first questioning in the investigation of a murder, noting that her father and the girl she roomed with in the hospital were involved in murders - and she isn't eager to dredge up the past for a stranger on a power trip. Starr becomes angry, and threatens to arrest her, but Wilcox interrupts to inform everyone that in their absence, Nathan woke up.

In the Fall of 1970, Ellie Coffin had been put in the hospital on suicide watch after having her stomach pumped when she downed a bunch of pills with a heavy vodka chaser. Her new roommate was Lorelei Smith, who had murdered seven people, and claimed that the Coffin Witch had made her do it. Snidely, Ellie had reminded her not to try to make claims like that to a blood descendent of the Coffin Witch. Ellie'd brought a doll with her, and Lorelei, who was still quite shaken, asked to hold it. When she touched it, though, it brought back memories of all the murders she'd committed. The girl had a breakdown, and was terrified. She was dragged away and placed in solitary confinement, and Ellie knew it was her fault.

At the hospital, Eve asks for some privacy with Nathan to explain what exactly had happened to him while he was possessed by the Coffin Witch. Suddenly, Eve is startled by the sight of her dead friend Dani's corpse, reflected in the mirror. Worriedly, Eve turns to see a number of corpses standing around her, and tries to remind them that she sent their killer back to where it came from. Through a vision, Emma Coffin explains that by sending the abomination back, it allowed her to come home and take revenge on the family that turned against her. Angrily, Eve promises to stop her, and the witch dares her to do so. If she's going back to hell, she's bringing Eve with her.

Wilcox returns to her home to find Ellie has broken in. Slyly, Ellie notes that the house is too nice - too expensive - for a civil servant like her. Coldly, Wilcox responds that there was a triple murder there in the 60s. With equal coldness, Ellie responds that she knows. The girl had stabbed and bludgeoned her family while they slept, taking a part of each of them; heart, liver, tongue, genitals. She had been a friend of Ellie's - the only girl who would talk to her, as a woman of the Coffin line. The girl had claimed that the murders were caused by her imaginary friend, and her family had angered that friend. She had then just disappeared right out of the police station. Her name had been Constance Wright.

Wilcox wonders why Ellie would tell her this now, and Ellie explains that Constance didn't kill her family, and now that her body's been discovered, whoever left it in the Coffin Woods will be coming for the house's current inhabitant.


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