"Haunted Houses: Conclusion": After Emma Coffin was burned as a witch, Her spirit survived to swear revenge on the five families who saw her killed, and she used the remains of her power to turn her very house, Coffin House into a trap for their spirits, con

Quote1 Somewhere between you dying, the Ice Fisher, and getting shot in the head, I grew up. Quote2
Eve Coffin

Coffin Hill #20 is an issue of the series Coffin Hill (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2015. It was published on July 8, 2015.

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Synopsis for "Haunted Houses: Conclusion"

After Emma Coffin was burned as a witch, Her spirit survived to swear revenge on the five families who saw her killed, and she used the remains of her power to turn her very house, Coffin House into a trap for their spirits, consuming them to build her power until she could one day walk free. That day has come.

Eve Coffin has asked her mother Eleanor to meet her at the hospital, and Ellie already knows Eve's intentions. While she admits that her daughter is doing the right thing, Ellie warns that every Coffin witch who has tried to kill off the shadow of Emma Coffin has seen innocents suffer as a result. Still, she believes that if anyone could do it, Eve might be her.

Afterwards, Ellie goes to the house of Nate Finn at Eve's request, and frees him of the influence of Emma Coffin.

Officer Wilcox, meanwhile, returns to the hall of records for doing a favour for Chief Leland Starr. The clerk there has been helpful in the past, and Wilcox thanks her, asking to know the woman's name. Unexpectedly, she clubs the policewoman hard on the head, knocking her to the ground, and explaining that she is Andrea - or "Andy" for short - and she was the Wrights' third child. She had escaped the room she was kept in, and murdered her family. She'd got a new identity for herself, and it wasn't until Wilcox began renovating the old Wright home that she started to ask too many questions - and wouldn't 'die when she got too close. Unmoved by the attempt on her life, Wilcox recovers enough to shoot the old woman down.

That night, Eve prepares the spell, offering up the body of a coma patient for the witch to take on. She hopes that with little another choice, Emma will take the body and remain in its comatose state forever. Unfortunately, Emma reveals that by performing the ritual at all, Eve freed her to seek out a 'different host.

As she lies dying, Andrea Wright explains that she knows she is dying soon. She reveals that the wish Constance had made to the Coffin Witch was for their parents to love her sister. She had been too trusting. Suddenly, the woman's body rises up off the floor, and shifts its tone, commenting that the gun being pointed at her is unnecessary. She warns Wilcox that if she sees Eve, she should tell her she's being waited for.

Eve waits at Coffin House, and eventually Emma arrives in Andy's body. The witch explains that she is not weak in a human form. She still has power in the house. To prove it, she traps Eve in a memory of Constance Wright's - how she was saved from confessing to her parents' murders by Andy - who had actually done the deeds.

The two ran into the Coffin Woods, where Andy suddenly turned on her sister, knocking her into a grave she'd dug earlier, and burying her alive. ith Constance's death, Eve pulls herself out of the dream, and comments that it was 'desperate of Emma to build a trap so she could live for three hundred years - and yet, the spirit still doesn't know what a gas leak smells like. Eve produces a lighter, explaining that she'd turned on the gas earlier while waiting for Emma to show up in her new body. Even if she dies too, Eve will be satisfied to know that Emma is gone.

When the flint sparks, the house explodes, and Eve wakes to find that the spirits Emma had trapped went to the trouble of saving her life. They must all cross over, now, though. All of them, including Dani and Constance. They say their goodbyes and leave Eve alone as her family home burns to the ground.

Nathan meets her there, wondering what's next, and Eve explains that there is nothing in Coffin Hill left for her. She begs him to come with her to find out where they both belong, and he agrees to be there whenever she asks.

Wilcox, meanwhile, ignores Starr's warning to go to the hospital for her concussion, and explains that she stole him a copy of the certificate showing that his real name was David. She didn't pry further, but it's a start for him. Thanking her, he decides to promote her to Detective, in exchange for going to the hospital, like he ordered.

Later. Starr visits his real mother - Lorelei Smith - in the Barclay Hospital, and introduces himself. She explains that she had once named him Sam to keep him safe, and she seems happy to meet him.


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