Quote1 Kinda ironic considering I used to be the con artist...Now I'm a one man army against another invasion. Quote2
Grifter src

5 Years from Now

Cole continues to hunt Daemonites after having been abducted and nearly converted into a host for the aliens. However, he is paralyzed and kidnapped by King Faraday, who forces him into a mission for him. He is attacked by O.M.A.C., But Fifty Sue saves him and talked about how they would bond while trying to find out who's trying to kill him.

Cole Crashed into a facility full of O.M.A.C. Requiring Sue to save him.[1]

35 Years from Now

Alongside Amethyst, Cole attempts to shut down the Firestorm Battery that powers all Brother Eye units. When the Brother Eye units attack, Batman regrets leaving them for dead. They are then attacked and killed by John Stewart.


  • Telepathy:
    • Cosmic Awareness: Over time grifter's powers had continued to evolve bestowing him an understanding of not only possessed individuals, but people who come from alternate universes as well. Eventually it evolved further still to enable seeing shapechangers and other life forms hiding in human guise.
  • 'Longevity': When the experiments that gave Cash his powers were conducted, The Daemonites unintentionally extended his lifespan by some decades at a time, seeing as in 45 years into the future he will have the physical vitality of a man in his prime.[2]




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