Grifter is an ex-soldier turned super-hero and vigilante. His firearms expertise makes him an incredible marksman and one of the most dangerous men in the world. Through Daemonite experimentation, he also gained telepathy and telekinesis.

Most Wanted

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Cole Cash is working as a con artist in New Orleans when he's abducted by Daemonites. They attempt to use him as a host but this process fails, and he becomes connected to them through telepathy when he escapes. The Daemonites begin trying to kill him, and he's forced to stage a terrorist attack to avoid them on a plane.[1] His girlfriend Gretchen Reese leaves him believing he's gone insane, and his brother Max Cash is sent by the government to hunt him down.[2] His brother is killed by Daemonites named Myev and Tsavo, leading Cole to shoot Myev and take Tsavo hostage.[3] Their trail leads him to Q-Core in Seattle, where he gets in a shoot-out with Green Arrow and barely avoids arrest.[4] The woman who rescues him is a Daemonite-hunter named Sofia Cordon, although Cole is abducted by Su'ry on their first mission together.[5] He's reunited with Gretchen as Su'ry uses him to summon the Black Curate, although Sofia arrives to save him and Su'ry is killed while the Curate drags Gretchen away.[6] Stormwatch sends Midnighter to kill Grifter in the Himalayas and stop him from exposing their secrets, but the mission fails and this only distracts Grifter from the release of Helspont.[7] The Daemonites attack him again on a plane to Paris, killing Sofia in a terrorist attack. It's revealed that they resurrected Max to put Myev in his body, forcing Grifter to get over his fear of death and shoot his brother in the face. Grifter insists that he has become more dangerous than ever to them now, and it's revealed that this was Tsavo's plan to wipe out his Daemonite enemies.[8]

Newfound Power


Grifter is recruited into a resistance movement against the Daemonites led by Cheshire and Deathblow. It's explained that the Daemonites are trying to colonize Earth, and Grifter is the "chosen one" meant to lead the resistance against them.[9] Their group is ambushed and nearly wiped out while moving to a new headquarters, leading Cole to suspect a traitor in their ranks.[10] They're attacked again by the super-villain Synge, and Cheshire reveals herself as the traitor when she brings them to Lord Helspont.[11] Helspont asks Grifter to join him in destroying the Daemonites, but Grifter refuses and reveals he wanted to get captured. He attacks Helspont and escapes with Deathblow while destroying the ship.[12]

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  • Telekinesis: Grifter is eventually shown to develop powerful telekinesis. He can control several complicated machines at once such as wielding six guns simultaneously. He is also shown easily lifting a truck many feet in the air.[10] The upper limits of these powers are shown when he collapses a small forest on Synge.[11]
  • Telepathy: Grifter receives the ability to telepathically detect Daemonites after they experiment upon him.[1] This includes the ability to access their telepathically-controlled weapons.[6] It is later shown that he has other capacities of a typical mentalist.[10]
    • Mind Control: Cash eventually practiced his ability to control cognitive actions.[15]
    • Mind Scans


  • Deception: Above all, Grifter is a con-artist. His gift of gab and silver tongue allow him to get in and out of situations that would be dangerous for any man.[1]
  • Firearms: Grifter is a trained professional with firearms. Both from experience and training with the military, he has taken on not only armed men but aliens as well.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)[2]
  • Military Protocol: Grifter is military trained and has been a part of black ops missions in the past.[2]
  • Weaponry[2]
  • Cole Cash does not use the alias Grifter in his first several DC Universe appearances, although he describes himself as one. The first instance of someone calling him Grifter is Tsavo identifying him as "the Grifter."[5] Midnighter later calls him "The Grifter" in their first meeting, having heard the name used on the news.[7]



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