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Cole Cash is a field operative for Jacob Marlowe.

Cole received combat training from Lucy Blaze.[1] Subsequently, he was part of "Project Thunderbook", a mysterious I.O. initiative headed by John Lynch,[2] which taught him more. However, the project was shuttered when Lynch left the agency, with most of its records sealed or destroyed.

Cole was a field operative in good standing, first as part of a squad, then as a solo operative. He was presumed dead ten years ago in the field.[3]

However, under unknown circumstances, he was recruited by Jacob Marlowe to be part of a group that would curtail the efforts of I.O. and similar conspiracies.

Everyone Is Looking Up

Cole and the rest of his group were sent to rescue Angie Spica, an I.O. engineer who had publicly used advanced technology. Cole tried to organize and lead the mission,[4] which in the end only succeeded thanks to the teleport power[5] and humanistic approach[6] of his comrade, Adri Tereshkova.

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis

Cole was subsequently tasked with planning to sabotage an I.O. blacksite, Hightower, but make it look like an accident.[7] In the course of that, he was contacted, via code, by Lucy Blaze, now an investigator for Skywatch, who informed him that IO had identified him during the rescue mission, but was convinced he had betrayed them to Skywatch (as Skywatch was the only group they knew of who had teleport equipment).[1]

Filing this news away, Cole participated in his team's mission against Hightower. The mission was successful, but in the process they performed a hack on IO's main servers, which deleted all of the data Hightower had created, but also revealed the mission as a human action.[8]


  • Grifter was created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi, first appearing in WildC.A.T.s #1. However, in The Wild Storm continuity Cole Cash first appeared in The Wild Storm #2 by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt.
  • Cole has a verbal tic that he refers to covert operations as "gags". He explains that the word was used by "old-timey" stuntmen to describe an extended physical effort designed to elicit a specific response in the audience but if planned incorrectly, "someone gets their neck broken."
  • Cole has a fear of Adri's teleport power.