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Cole Parker was inspired by a villain from the future to become Persuader and fought Superman.

Cole Parker was a disgruntled factory worker in Metropolis who was laid off from his job in the wake of the Brainiac 13 technology upgrade, which he claimed was robbing the working class of their livelihood. When a television broadcast shown Superman's battle with the Fatal Five, Parker was inspired of the Persuader and soon adopted the villain's identity; in which he rallied other disfranchised workers like himself and led them into a axe-wielding riot at the Daily Planet, which Parker also blamed the newspaper company for the problems as well. Parker almost threatened Perry White's life before being subdued by Superman and imprisoned at Stryker's Island Penitentiary.[1]

Parker, however, would later escape and resume his vengeance on the Daily Planet after coming into possession of an Atomic Axe. He almost destroyed the Daily Planet with his axe until his battle with Superman that Parker lost control of his weapon.[2][3]

Some eight months after the Infinite Crisis event, Parker joined the ranks of Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. Waller manipulated the Suicide Squad into believing that the Black Marvel Family was a threat to National Security. Knowing that the Marvels were last seen in the San Francisco Bay area, Waller sent the Squad to intercept them and bring them in. During the fight, Parker injured Black Adam's wife, Isis. Upon seeing his sister injured, Isis' brother, Osiris, lost control of his emotions, and attacked Parker. Flying at super-speed, he plunged right through Parker's body, killing him.[4]




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