By 2007, Colin was working at the Daily Planet and was good friends with Henry James Olsen. After Olsen's girlfriend canceled one of their dates, he gave the concert tickets, intended for the date, to Colin. Colin heavily appreciated the gesture, as he knew the concert tickets would score him big points with his boyfriend.[1]

Colin would later attend Olsen's wedding to Chloe Sullivan, where he was given the task of serving as the wedding photographer by Lois Lane. Unfortunately, the wedding ended up being crashed by Doomsday. Colin was seemingly killed in the attack.[2]


  • Colin's death was never actually shown onscreen, nor was it confirmed by the other characters. All that was shown was Doomsday grabbing the camera and it falling to the ground, while Colin can be heard screaming offscreen. Leaving it unknown if Colin was actually killed by the beast or if he was just injured by it and survived. The next shot showed Chloe Sullivan and Henry James Olsen being shocked. However, the looks on their faces wouldn't suggest that they've just seen a close friend be brutally murdered infront of their eyes.



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