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Neon the Unknown, real name Colin Nomi, is a member of the Unexpected.


Colin Nomi was an infamous Burnside artist who lived a very indulgent life style. As time progressed Colin began to run out of inspiration for his art so enacted a satanic ritual that would show him the source of creation itself. The ritual worked and for a split second Colin saw the World Forge, where worlds are born. However the sheer magnitude of what he was witnessing blinded Colin and killed all of his friends. Gifted with the Fires of Creation that allowed him to reconstruct matter, Colin set out on a journey of redemption as Neon the Unknown. Eventually he met up with two others on paths of redemption calling themselves Viking Judge and the Ascendant and the three of them formed the Unexpected, defenders of the multiverse.[1]




  • Blind: His vision was taken by the Fires of Creation.[1]
  • Power Limitation: Neon's powers cannot be used to directly cause destruction, only to create or manipulate matter

  • Colin is atheist.[2]