Colin Wilkes was kidnapped by Scarecrow and given a Venom transfusion from Bane.

Despite the trauma he endured, he became the superhero known as Abuse.[1]

One Cinco de Mayo, Colin won a drag race against Bane, who accused him of cheating. The duo met at Gotham Harbor after the latter challenged the former to a wresting match. The two were evenly matched; his friends got bored and Tatsu Yamashiro started a fight with the rest of the audience. The group accidentally uncovered Bane's smuggling operations, so they arrested his gang.[2]

On Mother's Day of the same year, Abuse was confronted by Damian Wayne. He proposed the pair spend the day searching for Colin's mother. Failing to find her, Colin visited his old room at St. Aden's Orphanage and stared hopefully at a photo of his mother.[1]

He was later among the heroes assembled by Robin to apprehend the villains assembled at the Iceberg Lounge by Penguin.[3]





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