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The Collector Agency, also known as the Breacher Agency, is an Earth-19 organization which defends the universe from interdimensional travelers. Its members are also referred to as the Collectors.


The Collector Agency was created after a neighbour universe almost succeded in conquering Earth-19. After the defeat of the invaders, interdimensional travel on Earth-19 was banished and the Collectors were born to be the enforcers of the universe who arrested disrespectors of the ban and chased invaders through the Multiverse if necessary.[1]

The organization was led by the powerful metahuman, Josh Reynolds aka Breacher, the strongest viber in the Multiverse; among the members of the Collectors, there were the famous speedster, Accelerated Man, and Breacher's daughter herself, Cynthia Reynolds aka Gypsy.

At some point in time, the Collectors defeated the evil race of the Plastoids who wanted to conquer the Earth. They were so frightening that Reynolds was shocked by the Earth-1 superhero, Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man, believing him to be a Plastoid himself.[2]

In 2017, the mighty Gypsy was sent to Earth-1 to capture H.R. Wells who had moved months before to the alternate reality to become a member of its Team Flash: eventually, the superhero Cisco Ramon aka Vibe managed to defeat her so Gypsy spared Wells' life.[1]

Later, Accelerated Man ordered Gypsy to capture a breacher on Earth-2. However, she was attacked by Gorilla Grodd who controlled her;[3] after she freed herself from his mind control, she took the breacher to Earth-2, completing the mission.[4]

Not long after that, Earth-1 techno-wizard Abra Kadabra attacked this reality and murdered one of the Collectors who also was Gypsy's partner. Months later, the Collectors tracked him to his hoeme universe so Gypsy was sent there to finally capture him: in the end, they brought him back to Earth-19 where he was sentenced to death.[5]

Some time later, Breacher decided to retire the Agency as he believe to be too old for the job so he chose to elect Cisco as the new head of the organization. However, he refused to move to Earth-19 to become the new leader[6] and this also led to the break-up between him and Gypsy.[7]

In 2019, Gypsy was murderer by the villainous Echo, the doppleganger of Cisco. The traces on the murder scene made the Collectors believe it was Cisco the real culprit: as they were unaware of him having lost his powers, they came to Earth-1 to capture him but, after escaping from their grasp, the former superhero single-handedly captured the real murderer and let him be arrested by the Collector Agency. Later, they brought him to their home universe to execute him.[8]


  • It is unknown if the Collector Agency still exists after the rebirth of the Multiverse.

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