Collette Pearson and her cameraman, Cedric, went to Tranquility to do a piece on the unique town. During her time there, she changed the focus of the story from the retired Maxis living in the town to the town sheriff, Tommy Lindo. Shortly after a tour of the town, Collette and Sheriff Lindo went to the Chick 'N' Go, a local diner for a meal. Unfortunately, their meal was interrupted by the murder of Mr. Articulate.[1] While the town conducted an investigation, Collette preformed her own investigation, eventually discovering that the town hid a secret.[2] The Liberty Squad discovered that Henry Hate had uncovered the Fountain of Youth where they would come to found the town of Tranquility. The group decided to take one drop a day for each member and a drop a day for the person they loved the most in the world, the remainder would go into the town's water supply at Six Mile Lake, thereby lengthening the townsfolk's lives by years, not decades.[3] In order to protect the secret, Mayor Fury battled his wife, Suzy, to get Collette and stage her suicide from the Observatory. Fortunately for Collette, Suzy managed to contact Sheriff Lindo, who brought many of the town's super-powered inhabitants to quell the mayor.

After the Mayor's arrest, Collette actually asked Sheriff Lindo if she'd let him go. Immediately after asking for his liberation, she asked if Tommy was single.[4]


  • Journalism: Collette Pearson is a skilled television reporter.



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