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Colonel Cloud was an enemy of the Blackhawk Squadron.

In the late 1940s, in the small, mountainous, agrarian nation of Leuchtenberg, an ambitious, ruthless officer in the Leuchtenbergian Army worked his way up thru the military ranks. This man became Colonel Cloud. He also did some political organizing on the side, and may also have found foreign sources of funding. At that time, in the wake of the Second World War, Leuchtenberg's struggling economy could hardly support its ordinary armed forces, yet despite this, Colonel Cloud had a secret squadron of catapult-launched fighter planes, and a team of crack pilots for them.

Leuchtenberg was chartered as a republic, but under Colonel Cloud's leadership, the military was in control of the national airport, the roads, and all broadcast and print communications. More importantly, Cloud's faction had gained control of some advanced atmospheric technology, with which they were able to place heavy clouds, in stable positions, above locations of their choosing. To this day, it is not known where or by whom this technology was developed. What is known is the use to which this device was put, which was to place permanent clouds directly over the fields of any Leuchtenbergian farmers failing to support Colonel Cloud's faction. Many acres of crops were withering.

In 1949, the Blackhawk Squadron visited Leuchtenberg, and after a good deal of fighting, in the air and inside an extinct volcano, Colonel Cloud was completely defeated, and beaten senseless by Blackhawk. Colonel Cloud was arrested personally by the Leuchtenberg Minister of Justice, and placed on trial for treason and murder. His cloud-manipulating equipment was adapted to be a boon to local agriculture.



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