Coltrane Walker (New Earth)

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Trane Walker was a goverment agent known as Xer0.


Trane Walker was a African-American athlete and power forward for the National City Vipers. Secretly, he was also Coltrane Walker, a clandestine government agency assassin who preserved his secret identity by disguising himself as a blond and blue-eyed Caucasian covert operative. Walker died on his very first mission, but was resurrected via an experimental X-enzyme that restored him to physical health, but also left him emotionally empty. Thus, he became both the perfect killer and the perfect basketball player, blunt and remorseless in getting either job done, but especially as the "closer" Xer0.

Unfortunately, Walker perished again during a test set up by his superior, Frank Decker, to measure Xer0's abilities. Walker's second resurrection left him brain damaged.

Powers and Abilities


  • Intangibility: Xer0 can speed up any object's molecular structure to walk on water or through walls.
  • Deadeye laser
  • Deadlok adhesive



  • Due to the poor sales of Xero, Xer0 does not appear in any other DC comics.
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