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 The Coluan race are a green-skinned humanoid race with the average member having a "level 8" intelligence, far higher than humans.


Coluans are pioneers of super advanced technology and have exceptionally long lifespans lasting for centuries, due in part to the races advancements in genetic manipulation.

The Coluans reside on the planet Colu, which is ruled by the Computer Tyrants. This changed when Brainiac 2 (Vril Dox II), the clone son of Brainiac 1 liberated his from the Computer Tyrants. Its populace hunger for knowledge and the merging of organics and cybernetics is common.

Robots play an important part in the security of the planet. Colu's intelligence has stagnated over a period of a thousand years caused by the actions of Brainiac 1, Brainiac 2, and the Legionnaire Brainiac 5.

This is due to a reliance on theoretical research rather than practical experimentation. The Coluans have found a solution for their over-population crisis. They shrank themselves using the same technology Brainiac used to shrink Kandor and his other bottle cities. It is known to the universe as 'The Bottle Planet of Colu'. During this time, Colu's population is drained of its intelligence, an act Brainiac 5 considers genocide.

On average, a Coluans can live up to 600 Coluan years, that is one year for every human six. This gives an average of 3600 Earth years.[citation needed] Also due to their engineering, they have cured most diseases and infliction's medical and psychological. The race later leaves their organic bodies to reside in immortal cybernetic forms.

Powers and Abilities


Decelerated Aging: Coluans have a lifespan of two hundred years.[1]


Genius Level Intellect: the average member of the Coluan race is noted for having a "Eighth level" intelligence (far higher than humans), with the notable exception of the Dox family who have a "Twelfth level" intelligence or higher due to genetic mutation.


Habitat: 50% land and water, and while it has polar ice caps and a few deserts, is mostly temperate.[2]
Gravity: 1 g
Atmosphere: 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen
Population: Billions


Type of Government:


Level of Technology:

Highly Advanced

Cultural Traits:

Super science, Knowledge & Intelligence accumulation


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