The Comet is the name of several super-heroes in the Red Circle mythos. His powers usually include flight, limited super-strength, light manipulation and energy projection. Originally he was developed as John Dickering, an MLJ Comics character. DC Comics bought the rights to the MLJ characters and began publishing them in the Impact Comics imprint, creating a new hero named Rob Connors. There was also recently a version of the character introduced into the mainstream DC Universe. John Dickering was created by Jack Cole, first appearing in Pep Comics #1. (1940) Rob Connors was created by Mark Waid and Tom Lyle, first appearing in Comet #1. (1991) The DCU version of the character was designed by Duncan Rouleau, first appearing in The Shield #5. (2010)

This character is not to be confused with Supergirl's pet "Comet the Super-Horse."

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