Frübe was a commandant in the German army during the second World War.

In the August of 1944, Frübe commanded the Schelde Castle in Antwerp. He imprisoned an Belgian resistance member, and tortured her in the torture chambers left by former Spanish invaders, to make her talk about the informations she heard through a wire and the plans from the resistance, while in the meanwhile the Unknown Soldier an a troop of disguised Wehrmacht soldiers irrupted into the castle and deactivated the tower guns, that were set at the Harbor entrance.

Getting the information of his victim, Frübe and his men rushed to the courtyard Tank Depot to stop the Unknown Soldier, only to find the sabotaged tower guns. Ordering his men to kill the Unknown Soldier, Frübe and some of his men fled to the entrance to flee from the castle, only to find it sealed. The mines under the bridge placed by the Belgian resistance then exploded, killing him and his men in the process.



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