The Communists are a cooperative network of political, military, and subversive groups of fanatical far-left ideologues, committed to the imposition of centralized planning and dictatorial control over all the nations of the world.


World War II


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During the Second World War, the Communist Party allied itself with the more democratic Allies to oppose the Nazi Party, which was defeated. Many of the tactics of the Nazis, including prison camps and systematic massacres, were adopted by Stalin's Communists, or had already been invented by Lenin's regime.

Cold War


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Following the Second World War, the Communists engaged in many unorthodox plots to gain control of the world, involving fantastical weapon projects, occult practices, and development of their own metahumans, to counter their Allied counterparts such as the Blackhawk Squadron and others. They also created very large and technologically advanced national military forces in many of they nations they controlled, and very large, secretive security and espionage agencies, including the KGB and its many affiliated organizations.


Despite the Communists' atrocities, in wartime and the post-World War II era, there have been modern fringe groups, front groups, national organizations, and national governments, sharing the same ideology. In the metahuman community, there are supervillains that supported Communism, such as the KGBeast, NKVDemon, and many others, along with at least one superhero, Red Star.

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