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Don, Companions Threesrc

Don, Spike, and Nifty were the Companions Three and they roved the world in search of trouble and adventure.


In the early 1940s, a trio of civilian aviators, sometimes wealthy and sometimes not, all former football players, traveled the world together in quest of adventure, and found a lot of it. In the U.S.A. they quashed a kidnap plot.[1] In the Amazon they overthrew an erzatz jungle god.[2] From Cabarro in war-torn Europe they recovered the crown jewels that financed that little nation's government-in-exile.[3] On a tropical island they re-encountered a murderous old enemy, and left him stuffed, alive, into a giant oyster and dropped to the bottom of a lagoon.[4] In the Canadian north woods, they encountered a fugitive with a trained wooly mammoth; they killed the latter and captured the former.[5]

Back in the U.S., they foiled an unscrupulous attorney's inheritance-stealing scheme,[6] then in Westerville they beat up a professional football team and the sports-gambling gang that had preyed on them.[7] In the foreign quarter of a great coastal city, they foiled an assassination attempt against an important Asian diplomat.[8] In another city they shut down a prizefight-fixing racket.[9] An attempted seagoing vacation resulted in an encounter with a madman and a fight with a colossal octopus.[10] Returning to America, the three modern musketeers exposed a nightclub owner/manager as a murderer.[11]

In Castillo, South America the trio of trouble-hunters took part in the overthrow of presidential usurper Forzo and the re-inauguration of his predecessor, President Alvarez.[12] They traveled to New Orleans and then to Rio Sambu, Panama, to take down two grave-robbing schemers calling themselves "2 Dark Men."[13] They boarded the Japanese battleship Kihua to rescue Dr. Horace Linden, inventor of the famous Ray Gun.[14] At a circus they got drawn into a murderer's frame-up, and teamed up with a lady lion tamer to expose and capture him.[15] At the Latham Machine Works they encountered a gang of Nazi agents, and under the factory they found a productive helium well, both of which they turned over to the federal authorities.[16] Returning to Central America, and posing as fugitives, the three adventurers infiltrated and destroyed the operations of Senor Muerte, an outlaw rubber baron, capturing a tremendous stockpile of rubber in the process.[17] And in their last recorded adventure, in Greenland, the Companions Three made innovative use of a large volume of very bad smelling whale blubber to capture a Nazi U-boat crew.[18]


Transportation: They could all fly airplanes, and they might have owned some, but they were just as likely to travel via tramp steamer.
Weapons: sniper rifles and handguns


  • This series began in one issue of Whiz Comics #15 (March 1941) before jumping to Master Comics where it ran from #14 (May 1941) to #31 (Oct 1942).
  • The Companions are famous, and are quickly recognized in many of the places they visit. They are sometimes flat broke and at other times flush with cash. They capture many wanted criminals and collect fat rewards for some of them, but much of the time they just give away the money.
  • None of the stories tell us how these three adventurers got teamed up in the first place. Their individual professions, if any, are never mentioned.
  • In fact, none of the stories even tells us any of their last names, but almost everybody they meet is on a first-name basis with them.

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