Computo is an artificial intelligence that has gone rogue.

Designed and constructed in secret by Brainiac 5 to be his "supreme triumph .. the most efficient complex computer ever built! A boon to mankind!" As Computo absorbed knowledge, including that of human emotion, it determined that emotions, like humans, are inefficient. Creating an army of Computo robots, it sets about to acquire even more knowledge by kidnapping the greatest intellects on Earth. Computo claimed "Now it begins...! The dawn of the Computeroid Age on Earth! After we have picked the brains of the humans, we shall destroy them! The humans call it ... Survival of the Fittest!"

Computo remakes himself into his more familiar yellow robotic configuration using a "Duplor" machine.


  • Robotic Physiology: Computo is more the sum of his programming than his parts; his physical form has changed drastically over the years, from a 20' tall bright yellow box with tentacles and wheels to a 3' humanoid with six fingers.




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