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Quote1.png You... We have a responsibility to respect and preserve the legacy of the greatest hero of them all--Superman. Quote2.png
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In an alternate timeline, Project Cadmus was unable to clone the genes of their Superman, leaving Conal powerless.

Still wanting a hero to replace the late Superman, Cadmus cloned Doomsday, the very monster that had killed him.

Conal enjoyed watching his brother, named Doomsboy, grow up and eventually take on Superman's role as the protector of Metropolis. Nevertheless, he became worried about Doomsboy's increasing recklessness and tried to convince him to be more like Superman. Doomsboy retaliated that he didn't want to be in Superman's shadow as he's a clone of his butcher.

During the argument, Conal was whisked away to safety by Impulse, who wanted his help restoring the previous timeline.[1]

Conal was introduced to Tim Drake and Young Justice, but the group was ambushed by Bedlam, Doomsboy, and Secret. Wonder Girl figured out that Impulse could send a scout to prevent Bedlam from gaining his superpowers, and the scout accomplishing this feat reset the timeline.[2]



  • Power Gauntlet : : Conal had a specialized power gauntlet that shoots out energy powerful enough to hurt Doomsboy.

  • Conal was also known as Project: Superman.