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Condo Arlik, Chemical King from the planet Phlon is a human catalyst; he can slow down or speed up chemical reactions.


He is a member of the Legion Academy and works undercover to infiltrate the Legion of Super-Villains. After graduating alongside Timber Wolf, he becomes a full Legion member. Plagued with self-doubts over the relative usefulness of his powers, he dies when he sacrifices his life to stop Deregon, a Dark Circle agent and the governor of Australia, from starting World War VII.

Later the sorcerer Mordru resurrected Condo along with millions of other corpses as part of a plan to conquer the universe. The "zombie" Condo displayed limited imagination with his abilities, igniting pockets of methane gas and starting fires.


  • Chemical Reaction Control: Chem possesses the ability to act as a catalyst, that is, speed up, slow down, or otherwise alter chemical reactions. For example, he can increase the speed of oxidization from a slow rust to a burst of flame. His powers can affect the chemical reactions in the human body, rendering an opponent unconscious from shock, but take several seconds and can only focus on a single opponent at a time. Late in his career, Chemical King displayed the ability to change energy reaction rates as well, causing batteries to drain of power and force fields to decay. As the final act before his death, he used his powers to alter and absorb vast amounts of radiation capable of paralyzing Superboy.



  • Power Limitation: Chem's power cannot speed up the disintegration process of indestructible material, which lasts indefinitely.
  • His powers were having a deleterious effect on his own body, and would have eventually led to a premature death.




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