Quote1 You Dove, I'm going to kill because I don't know what exactly you are. And frankly, what we don't understand deserves to die Quote2
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Condor is a cannibalistic 200 year old Avatar of War who kills other Avatars to gain more power. As such, he has become an enemy of Hawk and Dove.

First Strikes

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He fought and captured Osprey, a carrier of the War Avatar, and allowed his partner, Rachel Felps, to kill him so she could gain the powers of an Avatar and become the Swan. They later leave for the White House where they take the President and Judge Irwin Hall hostage to gain the attention of Hawk & Dove. After Swan disappears from her fight with Dawn Granger, Dove takes her Enchanted Knife and stabs Condor with it. This causes him to revert to his human form, which is actually an elderly man. While knocked out he is transported to a secure facility so Hawk & Dove can interrogate him.

He has no known ID on record, he does appear to be British though. He mentions a War Circle that Hank Hall is part of and its because of it that he needs to kill him. He doesn't seem to understand the avatar of peace as well as war and so he decides Dove should be killed as well. He alluded to secrets that are being kept by Deadman and says that having him around makes them easy to target. During this whole interrogation an unknown group of people come to bust Condor out, and Swan kidnaps Deadman to help them find the rest of the War Circle.

Putting Deadman in a chaos crystal makes him a usable key to cross into another realm. Once crossing the barrier he kills Swan and "feeds" off her letting him morph into a giant four eyed bird creature and fights both Hank and Dawn who have found him to save Deadman. He loses to Dove while crying for mercy but explodes from her power.




  • Enchanted Knife: With this Enchanted Knife Condor is able to kill and absorb the power of an avatar, making himself more powerful.
    • Longevity: Condor has lived for over 200 years due to the power he has siphoned off of other avatars.
    • Flight: After absorbing enough energy from Avatars, Condor transformed into a giant four eyed bird, which gave him wings to fly with.



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