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The Conglomerate was a corporate-sponsored superhero team created by Claire Montgomery as competition for the Justice League International (at the time led by her ex-husband Max Lord).


The Conglomerate has had three incarnations.

The first was led by Booster Gold and included Echo, Gypsy, Maxi-Man, Praxis, Reverb, and Vapor. Booster had recently quit the JLI (over his perceived lack of respect from his peers) and was determined to improve his image and standing. Although the Conglomerate received excellent press, they were pressured by their sponsors to undertake morally dubious missions. The overthrow of a small Latin American nation finally put the team at odds with the JLI. Booster and the team eventually reached a breaking point and insisted that Claire refuse to let the team act as corporate agents. The team continued to accept corporate sponsorship, but only on the condition that these powerful organizations make an honest effort to use their wealth and influence to better the world.[1]

The Conglomerate aided the JLI during an attack on New York City by Despero. Claire didn't want the inexperienced team to go, but Booster was determined to help his former teammates.[2]

Montgomery quickly recruited an all-new team for a competition with the JLI. The team, assembled with the help of the dimension-spanning powers of would-be member Norman the Doorman, consisted of Deadeye, Elasti-Man, Fiero, Frostbite, Scarab and Slipstream. These interdimensional heroes were revealed to be villains from Qward and were defeated by the Justice League. The group was basically a JLI equivalent to the old Crime Syndicate as noted by Hal Jordan.[3]

A third lineup soon followed, with veterans Reverb (now calling himself Hardline) and Echo joined by new recruits Jesse Quick, Nuklon and Templar.[4]

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