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Conklin was a mercenary working for Shadowspire, guarding the slaves of a Lian Yu drug field.

After Oliver Queen is recruited by Baron Reiter, Conklin quickly shows Oliver that violence and brutality is the only way to keep the slaves in check. When a woman is caught stealing a package of drugs, Conklin wants to execute her, but instead sends Oliver and a guard out into the woods to make her "disappear". Oliver gets the guard killed by leading him into a landmine[1], and escorts the woman to a cave. When Oliver returns to the field, Conklin doesn't believe the woman is truly dead and wants to see for himself. With the woman playing dead, Conklin is convinced and leaves the cave. However, he stumbled onto A.R.G.U.S. equipment that Oliver used for contact, and saw what Oliver's true intentions were.[2]


  • Conklin was portrayed by Ryan Robbins.



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