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Quote1.png You remember when you said my archery skills would only be useful if an army was attacking your castle? Hey, look, an army is attacking your castle. Quote2.png
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Connor Hawke is an operative of the World Army under the codename Red Arrow.

He was sent to Dherain along with Atom, the Sandmen to stop Steppenwolf, but they had to deal with Green Lantern, Flash, and Doctor Fate who also launched an attack against Steppenwolf. The group was then attacked by the Hunger Dogs, while they tried to reach common ground.

Red Arrow along with the other heroes are quickly subdued by the Hunger Dogs, however and left unconscious on the battle field. He later awoke after being healed by Doctor Fate and went along with the other Wonders to aid the World Army's forces. Roy and the other Wonders aided the World Army in a full retreat after Hunger Dogs' member Brutaal apparently killed Green Lantern and Steppenwolf and revealed himself to be Superman.

Connor retreated along with the remaining World Army forces to the Arkham Base. The base was soon attacked by Superman, who was trying to finish off the World Army forces.

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