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Quote1 My name is Connor Hawke... the Green Arrow... and if you give me a job, it's as good as done. Because if I've learned anything from the mother who raised me... the ashram where I trained... and even the father who abandoned me... I'm here to save the day... no matter what falls out of the sky. Quote2
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Connor Hawke is the second Green Arrow and the estranged son of the original. He is considered to be one of the world's greatest hand-to-hand fighters.[2]

Childhood and Early Career

On the day Connor was born, his father Oliver came to see and hold him; however, Oliver still ultimately abandoned him and his mother Sandra. Connor grew up in an ashram, training in secret and living a simple life that let him feel close to his father without the "complications" of actually knowing him.[1] He eventually learned that his father was the Green Arrow and, despite his father's lack of involvement in his life, decided to continue the legacy.[3][4] Later, Connor came to Oliver's attention and they spent time trying to reconnect, though their relationship was frequently hampered by Oliver attempting to set Connor up with dates, something he had little interest in.[5]

After Oliver's death, Connor served as a member of the Justice League as Green Arrow. Oliver's eventual resurrection and reclamation of the Green Arrow mantle caused complications for Connor.[1]

Lazarus Tournament

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Forced to fight a new friend.

At an unknown point in time, Connor suddenly had his life changed after a mysterious "blue light" left him injured, disoriented, and alone. He was rescued by the League of Shadows and accepted the offer to join their ranks, intending to stop their plan to assist the League of Lazarus with awakening a "demon".[2] The Shadows sent him as their champion of the League of Lazarus tournament and monitored him vigilantly; several times, he expressed hesitance over killing his opponents, despite knowing they would be revived as per the tournament rules.

While trying to meditate in solitude, Connor came across a wandering Robin, who had abandoned a rowdy party of fellow competitors. Choosing to remain away from the crowd, the two instead sat together and bonded over their similar backgrounds and laughed at the eccentricities of their fathers. Before long, they were interrupted by Connor's League of Shadows handlers.[3] As it happened, the lead operative had previously been banished by Robin's mother; looking for revenge, the master forced Connor to fight his new acquaintance, despite tournament rules forbidding clashes after nightfall. Connor swiftly defeated Robin and threw him off the cliffs of the island.[6] Though he felt remorse, Connor nonetheless feigned ignorance of Robin's whereabouts until he returned safely some time later, having survived the fall.[7]

As the tournament officially started, Hawke defeated Johnny Fist and XXL.[8] During the final stages of the tournament, Connor defeated Ravager and prepared to fight Damian once again in the finals.[9] Despite their fight being more evenly matched than the first one, Connor defeated Robin once again and won the tournament. Mother Soul then revealed that the winner would become possessed by the Demon.[2]

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Hawke & Kong

Later, one busy evening in Metropolis, Connor's mother and great-aunt sent him out to pick up kimchi for dinner. As he made his way home across the city on his suit, he bumped into The New Super-Man, who was fighting a giant robotic dragon. During the fight Connor used his arrows to prevent bystanders being hurt by Kong's reckless actions, but in the process his jar of kimchi is smashed. Connor went back to his home before the crowd that thanked Kong can know what he did. When he arrived at home, he told his aunt and mom that he got sidetracked, but they respond by saying that they saw it on the news and began praising Kong. Kong later arrived to their home with a jar of pao cai from China as a replacement for the kimchi that Connor lost; realizing that Super-Man had nowhere to go, Connor invited him to stay for dinner.[4]

Search for Green Arrow

Connor was one of many heroes who responded to Nightwing's distress call during Dark Crisis and gathered at the Hall of Justice for the final battle against Deathstroke. The Justice League had escaped imprisonment in Multiverse-2 and teleported to Earth 0, but Oliver did not make it with them. Connor reunited with Black Canary and Arsenal to look for him. Their search led them to Alleytown in Gotham City where they met local vigilante Cheshire Cat, who they knew was secretly Arsenal's daughter Lian Harper, seemingly back from the dead. Lian tried to deny it but soon ran to them and embraced them. However, she and Connor suddenly began to teleport away; he was shocked but she appeared to expect it.[10]

Connor rematerialised in the 31st Century, where he joined up with the Legion of Super-Heroes. After several months of experimentation; the Legion were able to scan the time-space continuum for Oliver and Lian's biometric signatures and the unique signature of the teleporter, find them and bring them to New Metropolis.[11]


  • Archery: Hawke is an extremely skilled archer. He can hit a rope with three arrows at once while performing a backflip.[5]
  • Acrobatics[12]
  • Lock Picking[5]
  • Martial Arts: Hawke is a master martial artist, stated to have fought some of the most powerful warriors in the world to a standstill.[13] According to Batman's files, Hawke is arguably the greatest hand-to-hand fighter in the world.[1] In the League of Lazarus tournament, Robin was the only one who could match Hawke in a fight, though Hawke still defeated him.[2]
  • Meditation[3]
  • Occultism: Due to his League of Shadows training, Hawke is knowledgeable of magic and mysticism.[15]
  • Peak Human Condition


  • Connor is asexual.[5]
  • Connor has one confirmed kill; the identity of the victim is unknown.[1]
  • While developing the story for Robin, writer Joshua Williamson learned that hawks were a natural predator to robins. With "hawk" being phonetically identical to "Hawke", this influenced his decision to feature Connor as a major opponent for Robin during the League of Lazarus tournament, where hawk and robin symbolism is used during the characters' final bout.[2][16]



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