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Carapax the Indestructible Man was an enemy of the second Blue Beetle.

Conrad Carapax was an archaeologist who was a minor rival of Daniel Garrett. He traveled alone to Pago Island in hopes of discovering what Garrett had been searching for when he died. There, Carapax discovered the ruined remains of the secret laboratory that once belonged to Jarvis Kord. Among the things Carapax found was a fully intact, indestructible robot which he attempted to activate; however, the machinery malfunctioned, electrocuting Carapax. Though his body died, Carapax's mind lived on, having been accidentally infused into the robot's electronic brain.

When Chicago Police Lieutenant Max Fisher arrived on Pago Island to investigate Daniel Garrett's death, Carapax murdered the crew of the ship that had brought Fisher, hoping to use it to escape the island. But he wound up coming into conflict with the Blue Beetle and ended up sinking into the Atlantic Ocean. Carapax survived his apparent demise and became a frequent enemy of Blue Beetle.

Following a battle with Superman, Carapax avoided prison when the international conglomerate Hakke-Bruton hired him into their service and replicated Carapax's robotic body to create a small army of Carapax as their security force.[1]





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