Conrad Tiberius Frakes [1] is Control Freak, an enemy of the Teen Titans obsessed with television and movies.

Control Freak ambushed the Titans while they were seemingly defenseless watching a 3-D movie. However, the Titans sprung into action anyway and defeated him, squishing Control Freak into a popcorn bucket before leaving the theater. [2]

Later, Control Freak forced Beast Boy to participate in a quiz competition against the geniuses the Brain and Psimon. Cyborg hacked the question board though, allowing Beast Boy to cheat his way to first place. Control Freak's punishment mechanism, therefore, backfired on himself and the other villains, knocking them out. [3]

Control Freak was taken to prison and, soon, he was magically freed to attend the wedding of Mumbo and Mother Mae-Eye.

  • Control Freak technically debuted in the New Teen Titans short Titans 3-D, which was released on February 21, 2012. However, the episode was retroactively categorized as the 18th in the series, placing it after the episode Lightning Round, Control Freak's second appearance, which premiered on December 15, 2012.
  • Control Freak was an original character created for the Teen Titans TV series, in which his real name was never revealed. However, in the New Teen Titans shorts separate continuity, created by the former Teen Titans director Ben Jones, Control Freak was given the name "Conrad Tiberius Frakes" in the credits of the movie the Teen Titans watch in Titans 3-D.
    • His name is homage to scifi.

- Conrad science fiction writer Joseph Conrad - Tiberius: The middle name of Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk - Frakes: After actor Jonathan Frakes

  • For this reason, the DC Database has decided to count this name as canon for future interpretations of the character but not retroactively for the original.



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