Constance and Vivian D'Aramis were the twin daughters of a research scientist for a multinational corporation. When their mother died of cancer caused by experiments the CEO of the corporation knew could have potential risks, they vowed revenge on the CEO and ruined his business by setting up the Revson Corporation. Creating a special shared identity that would allow one to run the business and the other to hunt criminals, the sisters became the Crimson Fox.

The D'Aramis sisters joined the Justice League Europe, and the Crimson Fox quickly became France's favorite hero. But tragedy struck when Vivian died at the hands of Puanteur, and Constance solely carry on the Crimson Fox identity.

Long after the JLE disbanded, Constance attempted to reform the group. In their single ill-fated adventure, Constance was killed by the Mist, along with Blue Devil and Amazing Man.[1]



  • Business Management: Constance and her sister Vivian were the heads of a successful Parisian perfume company.


  • At the time of her debut, the general populace of France was largely unaware that the Crimson Fox was in fact two separate people.



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